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Intermediate make-up lesson #1

So, yesterday I had the first  intermediate make-up lesson with the lovely ladies at Mika’s (aka Elizabeth and Karin). There was another woman there (Andrea) who also wants to learn how to do make-up on others so they have geared these next few lessons towards professional skills and knowledge.

Yesterday being our first day they focused on colour theory, what works with what, etc and we had to create a fun look on each other choosing our own colours and styles with help and tips from Elizabeth and Karin throughout. They both have great tips and tricks and best of all they both have different personal styles when it comes to how they do things so we’re getting to see things from two different professional perspectives :-)

I wish I had a camera to take snap shots of the looks we created but a description will have to suffice for now :-/

I basically did a purple smokey eye. It looked great on her as she has lovely brown eyes and the purples looked so sultry. I complimented the eyes with a pink gloss so that the look didn’t look “too much”. She has freakles and wanted to get rid of them so I layered the foundation (from Face Atelier) on her forehead, chin and below her cheeks but left the freakles on the nose and cheeks showing as they looked cute ;-)

I went hunting and found a couple of videos that explain about colour theory and complamentary colours for those who aren’t too familiar with the concept :-)

Safe Beauty Association Education

Last year I wrote about, their commitment to safe beauty and the possibility that they were going to set up make-up lessons. Well they didn’t dissappoint! “New and unique” makeup master classes are here from the Safe Beauty Association,  designed by David Horne, Director of Education at Jemma Kidd Makeup School, one of the industry’s leading makeup educators and an experienced fashion and catwalk professional makeup artist.  The series is supported by Dermalogica, “the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide”.

The sessions are open to everyone and anyone and take place throughout the year giving tips and insight into  “achieving high end, on trend makeup; practical advice on how to achieve the perfect canvas on which to apply beautiful eyes and lips; global beauty and vision into the insiders season’s trends, inside secrets for bridal beauty and expert advice on how to create a whole range of eye and lip looks – from smokey eyes to no makeup makeup, perfect pouts to nudes on nudes.” All sessions include training in the importance of practising makeup safely according to the new Safe Beauty Association’s Code of Conduct.

Each master class costs 50 pounds (inclusive of VAT) per attendee members. Everyone will receive a £25.00 voucher to spend on essential products to spend online at Cost to SBA members is £25.00.
Master classes will be held at Dermalogica’s flagship London store at Address: 8 Lancer Square, Kensington Church Street, London W8.
You can book online or call 020-3178-2960 to make  a reservation.
Master Classes can also be booked at

I only wish I was  in the country to take it ;-) Beauty can never be too safe in my opinion :-)

Second Lesson at Mika’s

So this lesson was different from last week as there were two other people in the class with me and one more teacher. We were shown how to do two differing smokey eyes, one for almond shaped eyes and the other for round  eyes (like mine) :-)

As with last week they showed us how to do the look on one eye, working the products and blending properly, then we copied the look on the other eye using the same techniques and tools. I have to say I think I did a bang up job ;-) I would have taken photos to put up on here but I lost my camera last Christmas in the Czech Republic :-( I’ll get a new one soon and hopefully I’ll start doing make-up worthy of photography ;-)

It’s really good being able to use all the different tools and getting advice about which shaped brush works best for what. Yes I can (and have) read these things in books but I find it’s nicer to have someone stood there who knows more than you do so you can ask questions!

First day at Mika’s

So I was right about the course being aimed mostly at doing your own make-up but luckily the woman taking the course knows what she’s talking about!  Also, I’m actually her only student on a Wednesday which means she was able to personalise what she was teaching me. I told her how this is my first proper step to becoming a MUA and she was really helpful, giving me tips on how to adapt things for others and we had some spare time at the end of the class so she let me go over what she’d taught me on her :-) which was brave ;-). She’s been in the MUA business for about 10 years and has worked freelance on photo shoots and tv commercials and things like that, but now mostly does bridal make-up and teaching.

Yesterdays lesson was about doing natural make-up and the next two lessons will be on more of an evening look and colour theory.  It’s amazing how much make-up goes into creating the “natural” look :-)


Finally, my time off corresponds with the Mika Basic Course dates and I have a spot being held for the course that starts Wednesday 15th September, running in the evening for three weeks.

I have a feeling that this basic course will mainly focus on personal make-up, but it’s a good first step into more courses such as the Mika Intermediate and Advanced courses and then (once I have some savings) other longer, more indepth training.

I sat down the other day and worked out a simple three year plan which basically consists of training part-time on local courses (courses depend on whether we are in Canada or UK), gradually gaining experience doing TFCD jobs, building a porfolio of professional work and then becoming self-employed in one way or another. I know that it wont be easy or quick and I dare say I’ll have to foray into the life of a cosmetics sales rep in my spare time ( Avon or VirginV maybe?) to continue progressing and gaining experience and I’m okay with that. I’ve attended plenty of cosmetics parties in my time and know how they work and it will probably be hard work but fun :-) I’ll let you know how the course goes!


Okay, so here’s an update on what’s (slowly) happening with my make-up career :-)

I’ve found a couple of short, part-time make-up courses here in Vancouver that are the more affordable choices at this time:

This course is 2 hours a day, 1 day a week, for 3 weeks. There is a Basic, Intermediate and Advanced course, each costing $140 including in-class kit. The basic course trains in “eye makeup application (natural to smokey) eyebrow shapes, false lashes, foundation, concealer, skincare, blush, contour and highlighting, and lips.”

(Evelin Charles Academy)

This course is 3 hours a day, 2 days a week for 5 weeks; or 2 consecutive weekends and currently costs $1440 including kit, books and tax. Technical Training for this course:
“Face: Facial highlighting and contouring, concealer, foundation selection
and application.
Eyes: Eye contouring, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara selection and application. Artificial eye lashes, eye lash tinting techniques and eyebrow shaping and
Lips: Lip contouring, application and color selection.
Make-up Application: Day, evening, bridal and special occasions.
Make-up techniques for corrective makeup, and skin types including Asian,
darker, and maturing skin.”

Both courses offer several start dates throughout the year, but I’d like to do one fairly soon. I’m thinking of doing the Mika course first since it’s only $140 and 1 day a week which is easy to organise. That way I can gain a better basic understanding of what it takes to become a MUA,  progress to the Intermediate and Advanced courses whilst saving up for the Evelin Charles course.

What I’m trying to do at the moment is gain enough skills and understanding to feel comfortable putting myself onto sites such as Model Mayhem, make contacts by doing some TFP (Time for Photos) work and hopefully building up a small portfolio whilst having a bit of fun.

It’s a long  journey but it’ll be worth it! :-)

More Make-Up Courses

Saks London –

There are Saks Academies in Covent Garden (London), Glasgow (Scotland), Darlington (County Durham), Veneziz (Italy), and there is a new one opening soon in Wales. They have two make-up courses, one for complete beginners and the other for those with qualifications or experience.

Make-up Master Class
This short course is for anyone with an interest in make-up so you don’t need any experience or qualifications to attend.
The course covers day, evening, fashion and photographic make-up. “You will develop skills in basic application of make-up, skin correction, followed by make-up techniques to complement fashion shows and hair work. If you’re already trained in day and evening make-up, then the first day can be deducted from the course.” You attend the course for three days and then go back to complete an assessment day. A kit is included and you receive a Saks Academies Diploma on successful completion of the course.
It is a four day course and current dates are: 12,13,14 Jan (Day 4 – 19 Feb); 29, 30, Jun, 01 Jul (Day 4 – 05 Aug); 21, 22, 23 Oct (Day 4 – 22 Oct)

Advanced Make-Up Class
This course is for people who have accomplished training in basic make-up/art, successfully completed their basic Masterclass course or have previous experience in make-up artistry.
The course “builds on foundation knowledge to expand and fine-tune your make-up skills. You will learn body painting and air brushing with training in professional product usage, tools and techniques.” The final day is a practical session. You will receive a Saks Advanced Diploma on successful completion of the course.
This is a three day course and only occurs on demand.

Each course costs £450 (At time of posting).

#Exerpts from Saks web-site

Make-Up Courses Additions

University of the Arts London/London College of Fashion, London, /

There’s a mixture of courses for your needs.

The “Foundation Degree for hair and make-up for film and tv” and ” Foundation Degree for hair and make-up for fashion” which are both 2 year, full time courses costing around £3,225 (ATOP).

A good example of their short courses is the “wedding make-up techniques” course which teaches modern, asian inspired, natural and strong bridal looks where you practice on other students. This particular course costs £445 (ATOP), can be taken over 3 consecutive days or 6 consectutive Saturdays, and you need to take your own brushes and cleanser.

The Beauty Academy, salons in Birmingham, London, Yorkshire, Cambridge, Dartford and Milon Keynes

“The Beauty Academy has offered correspondence beauty training courses for over 12 years now. The courses are popular with beginners and existing therapists wishing to add to their skills, as well as those with busy schedules or those who live too far from our academies to enrol on one of our attendance beauty courses. ”

The distance Academy provide both salon based and distance learning courses and currently have last minute offers of up to 50% off some of their usual prices.

During the salon based 1 day course the training focuses on Day, Evening and Bridal make-up and are shown how to adapt the treatment for different eye and face shapes. Professional ethics, Client consultation and record-keeping, safety and hygiene in the salon, contra-indications to the treatment, preparation of the client and materials, anatomy, physiology and Client aftercare. This course is usually £195 (ATOP) but it is on offer at £95 in some places.

The distance learning make-up course costs £125 (ATOP), is done in your own time, and comes with a training DVD. It will “enable you to tailor basic make-up application methods and products to suit a variety of skin conditions, complaints and lifestyle requirement.  We will cover advanced application methods, corrective and occasion make-up.” To gain an insurable academy diploma to offer treatments to paying clients, a practical assessment is required which can be arranged at any of the training centres once you’ve completed your course.

> Excerpts from The Beauty Academy website.

London School of Beauty and Make-up (Lond-est), London

“Long revered as the number one school in Europe to learn high fashion make-up techniques”.

There are 5 specific courses including creative make-up, airbrushing and 1 hair dressing course, and then there are combined courses.

For example, the combined Foundation and Creative course is a 4 week intensive course incorporating everything from the 2 week Foundation course (basic make-up up to bridal and special occassion) and the 2 week Creative course (focues on make-up for photography), and includes a photoshoot at the studio with an agency model and costs £2100 (ATOP) which includes everything you will need for the course, but you are advised to buy a make-up and brush kit (which you can buy from them if desired) for at home practice. Seperately the 2 week Foundation course costs £950 (ATOP) and the Creative course costs £1600 (ATOP).

* Excerpts from the Lond-est website.

London Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM Pro), Soho, London

AOFM has plenty of different course on offer ranging from the 3 day Airbrushing course at £445 (ATOP) to the Total Pro: Creative Specialist Certificate at £3990 (ATOP).

The Total Pro: Creative Specialist Certificate is the “complete Package course for people who are very serious about interning the makeup industry. Become a total and complete professional specialising in Make up artistry Nails Hairstyling and Airbrush Make up”

All courses include the AOFM 22 piece professional tool brush and belt set worth over £200 within the course price, each class has 2 tutors who are currently at the top of their professions and all materials are included.

# Exerpts from the AOFM Pro website.

Make-up Courses

A friend of mine, Anna, is thinking about joining the Make-up Artistry gig and was wondering which course to go for so I’ve done a bit of research and put together some info about available courses in the UK. Most of the bigger courses seem to be in the south of England but there are some dotted about the rest of the country, too. They range in price and in what they offer. Some are really baic, some are part time whilst others are full time year long. Here’s a few that I’ve found:

Beauty Base London, London,

“The school for fashion, music and celebrity make-up”. “The first make-up school to offer postgraduates an exciting opportunity to have their work published in fashion and beauty magazines”. ” One, Two or Three Weeks Course, extremely intense and exclusive course will give students a thorough grounding in the make-up they see around them on the catwalks, in pop videos and in fashion magazines”. *

The photos on the web-site are wonderfully fun and vibrant and there are videos of the school to watch online and examples of projects postgraduates went on to work with (including a Basement Jaxx music video)

Their joint Intense Basic & Advanced Course which is done over 2 weeks and includes a basic make-up kit with the first week of basic make-up (at the time of posting) costs £2500. Over the 2 weeks you will be taught skills including basic make-up, stenciling, advanced make-up skills and you will have the opportunity to do a photoshoot with a professional photographer. They have other options such as the Ethnic Skin Tones course fot £800 (ATOP), their 1 day Masterclass for professionals only at £100 (ATOP) and their 1 day Bridal Make-up course for novices and professionals for £200 (ATOP).

* Exerpts from Beauty Base London’s website.

London Academy of Media, Film & TV, London,

“London Academy can help you achieve success in the Media, Film and Television industry”. “London Academy is a non profit organisation offering all students a dynamic experience with some of the best tutors in the industry who are both passionate and dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate ambition”. #

With courses during the day, weekends or evenings there are a few options for you to choose from including a Photographic Make-up course, Bridal Make-up course and a Make-up Masterclass.

The Make-up Masterclass is for those who already have some experience with make-up application and includes 5 days of catwalk, gothic, global and Hollywood make-up and also body painting. This specific course costs £895 (ATOP) and you need to buy a make-up and brush kit (available from them for £70, ATOP). You recieve an industry recognised certificate when you successfully complete their courses and they have several course to choose from depending on your preference.

# Exerpts from the London Academy of Media, Film & TV website.

Brushstroke, at Shepperton Studios,

“In comparison to other courses of a similar nature and cost, Brushstroke offers a longer duration of intensive, professional training within the internationally renowned Shepperton Film Studios”.” ‘Brushstrokes’ is considered to be the best makeup training school in the world”. ~

Brushstroke has course ranging from 5 days to 2 years and teaches students from all over the globe.

Their 3 month course teaches make-up within areas such as high definition fashion, photography and catwalk make-up and costs (ATOP) £6000 which includes a basic kit, including brushes. You work alongside lecturers and guest professionals from the likes of Vogue, Elle and other publications. The Brushstroke name pops up many make-up forums with positve reviews  and their online gallery of students work gives you an idea of why, with great beauty shots and many creative ideas.

~Exerpts from the Brushstroke website.

CBMAcadmy (Christine Brundell Make-up Academy), Camden, London,

“The CB*MA is a new school founded by Academy Award – winning make-up artist and hair designer Christine Blundell”. “All teaching staff at CB*MA are also fully active within the profession, collaborating alongside Christine continuously and being specially selected by her on the basis of their particular skills and contributions to the world of television, theatre and cinema.” #

There is only 1 course at CBMA and it is a 12 week intensive course desinged by Christine Brundell to teach you everything you will need to get into a career within media make-up artistry. The course includes training in basic make-up application, hair extensions, character make-up and more. It costs £6800 plus VATof £1020 (ATOP) and includes a professional kit with everything you will need to complete this course.

The CBMA’s web-site is full of photos of celebrities and students work ranging from aging make-up to wound make-up and beauty make-up showing the range and work Christine Brundell has been involved with in her 20 year career.

# Exerpts from CBMA website

One-Day Make-up Course

SAM_0031In my quest to become a fabulous Make-up Artist I have created a list of things to do and courses to attend. The first on my list was a one-day course based in Glasgow. I attended it in September and have mixed feelings.

I was the only student there, which seemed good, and my sister came with me as my model so I wasn’t nervous about poking the model in the eye with the mascara as I knew she would have to forgive me as I’m her sister!! But it seemed a little too basic. Maybe I know more than I think I do, or maybe I was expecting too much from a day course, I don’t know. The tutor was lovely I did feel better about blending eyeshadows and applying mascara, and I got to try products I can’t afford to buy myself, so it was worth it on those accounts (and I got a certificate, Yay Me! :-) ) .

On a whole I think it was a good experience as it made me feel a bit better about doing the make-up for my sisters wedding, but the next courses on my list are longer ones that sound more in-depth or ones that have case studies to do before you pass.

Have you been on a 1-day make-up course, how did it go?