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Skincare Review: LUSH face mask, Mask of Magnaminty

I finished my last face mask weeks ago and have been craving a new one, so I thought I’d try one that I haven’t used before. I went into LUSH and Greg treated me to a few things. One of them was their Mask of Magnamity.

The tub says it’s “deep cleansing, toning and exfoliating” and thats exactly what I look for in a face mask! Basically, you leave it on until it hardens, then wash it off with circular motions. The mask itself is green and smells minty (like mint choc ice cream! yum!) and has small bits in it (again, like mint choc ice cream!) which I think is the Oenothera Biennis (evening pirmrose) seed.

I’ve used it a couple of times now and my skin feels sooo smooth afterwards. The bits started to fall off the second time as I left it on for quite a while, haha, but thats not really a giant problem. My skin is definately looking better than it has for the last few weeks, not as blotchy or spotty.

I’ve never really bought masks that go hard, and it’s quite a strange feeling, but at least I’ll never forget I’ve got it on and head out to the shops, hahaha :-)

LUSH Website

Skincare Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub

“Energizing microbeads gently exfoliate skin while sweeping away dead skin cells. Light gel formula lathers into bubbly foam removing surface dirt, oil and make-up. Feel the surge of invigoration as the cooling gel cleans down to pores leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and energized.”

Another free sample from Glamour magazine!

There are plenty of scrubs with “micro beads” and to be honest this isn’t my favourite. I don’t like to be negative about skincare because the fact is different peoples skin reacts well/badly to different products, and the luck of the draw is that my skin doesn’t react well to this one!

There was enough in the free sample for two washes and both times my skin felt stretched (as with harsh soaps) and the fumes actually stung my eyes for a few seconds (which I definately wasn’t expecting!). Aside from the stretched feeling my skin did feel softer and it did feel as though it had received a really good clean! I’m tempted to say that with prolonged use my skin would benefit from this scrub, but my stinging eyes won’t let me.

I think that if your skin isn’t as sensitive as mine then this is probably a good product to try, especially if your skin tends to be on the oily side. If you buy magazines then you could always pop out and buy Glamour for the free sample (and articles! :-)) and try it yourself. Let me know how you find it :-)

Skincare Review – Nourifusion Clarifying Mask

The Nourifusion range is from Herbalife and I’ve been usingsome of the products for a couple of years now, so I guess that tells you my feelings about them. You buy the products from Herbalife Representatives, whom you can find online or maybe in your local papers.

The whole range contains vitamins A, C and E and has choices suitable for all skin types (and this mask is a fabulous bright green!).

I like this product and normally use it whenever I have a long soak in the bath, followed by the exfoliating scrub. This face mask doesn’t go hard and washes off easily. My skin always feels silky soft after using it and it does seem to help reduce the appearance of spots and redness. It feels nice when it’s on and other than the funky green colour making my husband run screaming from the room.

This isn’t the cheapest skin care brand around which means I won’t be topping up my stock whilst we’re travelling, but the products do work and I personally love using them.

For more information you can go to the main web-site

Skincare Review: Skin Therapy 3 in 1 Fragrance free Facial Wipes

Skin Therapy 3 in 1 Fragrance free Facial Wipes “Gently Cleanse, tone and moisturise delicate skin”.

These face wipes (or “drunk wipes” as they are sometimes known!) are a bit of a cheat when it comes to skin care and won’t replace the real thing, but on nights when you’ve had a really long day (or too much to drink!?) it’s sometimes nice to simply wipe away the majority of your make-up and daily grime and flop into bed!

You can buy these in places like Wilkinsons, they don’t cost the earth and they can come in really handy. I bought a couple of packs for travelling with as I thought they would be easier for when we were camping and driving around and they were great to have when my cleanser and toner was in a bag in the boot of the car somewhere or buried amongst a suitcase full of clothes.

I have quite sensitive skin and I have never had a reaction to these wipes, and they definately manage to take off my make-up although sometimes I have to use 2 to make sure. Not sure if that says more about my make-up than the wipes!?!

As I mentioned I would never swap my entire skincare set-up just for these, but some times they are just too easy to ignore!