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In My Kit was launched in 2005 as a guide to assist new makeup artists.  Building your first professional makeup kit can be very expensive and given the endless product choices…very confusing.

The products reviewed and recommended on IN MY KIT appear only after their performance is approved as pro quality by a cross-section of highly respected, working Senior Pro Artists around the world. We compare notes at industry events, by phone, by email, on social networks and industry forums.
Everything from moisturizer to mascara, lipstick to lipgloss, drugstore to specialty store. This is a guide to the best basics, outstanding new technology and some all-time favorites that are still best in category.

Consideration for placement on this website will never be based on Comps or Sponsorship from any manufacturer or distributor. Quality control is also VERY important and products appearing on this website are periodically checked for consistency.  Companies that alter existing formulations in a way that compromises or lessens their product’s performance will be removed from the IN MY KIT website.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Most of the companies featured offer Professional Makeup Artist discount programs when you present the correct credentials.”

Last day!

So today was the last day on the production and it’s so weird. I received a thank-you gift from Elizabeth (I haven’t bought hers yet but I know exactly what I’m buying her ;-) )which was the Make Up For Ever Professional 12 Flash Color Case that we have been working with on this production, which is great as it has sentimental value and loads of great memories attached to it! She wrapped it in paper which had her kisses on it and those of one of the actors, which is just so Elizabeth :-) It’s a good little palette that I’ll refill with things once all the colours are gone, although you can get so many faces out of each colour. A friend of Elizabeth said that he used the white for 10 Kabuki faces (the white Geisha face) and he barely scratched the surface! It has a creamy texture and so is great for blending and spreading out so you only need a little but you do need to use powder to set it so that it doesn’t move or crease, especially on the eyes. Fantastic gift, and great addition to my growing professional kit!! Thankyou Elizabeth!

As for the day itself it was a really light day and I left early as I have to go earn some pennies at work in a couple of hours. Over these last weeks on set I feel like I’ve learned so much, mostly about being a professional MUA but also about how life is when working on a production. Granted, this was a small production and I’m sure there are many differences between this and others but it has been a great experience working around the set and watching things work (and break, and be fixed or adapted ;-) ). I don’t think I could have asked for a better introduction and for anyone who is thinking about getting into make-up for TV or Film I think you should really get out and hit the smaller productions (even student productions) to get a feel for things and gain experience, then work your way up. But that’s just my opinion!

Kind of a sad day in a way, but what an experience!

A found a review for the Flash Colors on you tube and thought you might like to see it, especially if you don’t know the product I’m talking about…

Crown Brush Brushes Review

I’ve been meaning to write this review for weeks and am finally getting around to it!

I did a lot of research and looking on the forums about Crown Brush brushes as I was in need of some decent brushes that weren’t going to cost me the earth. There were a couple of negative reviews saying that they’re not up to “Mac standard”, but most people said thay are good quality and worth having. I figured I’d never know until I tried them so I bought the 23 Piece Professional Set for £60.50. 23 brushes for £60.50, you won’t get that at Mac ;-). Apparently, I heard on the forums that Crown Brush actually make brushes for the likes of Mac and Bobbi Brown, so they can’t be all that bad. One woman on a forum asked Crown which of their brushes are closest to Mac quality and they said the Studio sets. Might just be my next Crown Brush purchase ;-)

This Professional Set includes: Powder Dome, Chisel Powder, Tapered Blush, Angle Blush, Chisel Blush, LG Squirrel Shadow, Deluxe Oval Shadow, Mini Oval Shadow, Chisel Fluff, Oval Fluff, Sable Liner, Small Chisel Fluff, Deluxe Soft Fan, Angle Liner, Brow / Lash Groomer, Mini Oval Smudger, Pointed Liner, Flocked Sponge, Pro Spoolie, Sable Lip with Cover, LG Square Squirrel, Leatherine Snap Case.

So I’ve been using this set for about a month now, on myself, my sister and my niece when they came to visit. I’ve deep cleaned them a couple of times and quick cleaned them a couple of times and I haven’t noticed any major loss of hairs which is obviously a good sign. The blush, eye and powder brushes are nice and soft and the liner brushes a little firmer which is how I like them. There are a few brushes which I still haven’t used, and one or two that I’m not completely fond of so in the future I might buy each brush individually or since there are various sets I may try a different one for variety. The handles are comfortable to hold on each brush for when using them on myself and others and to be honest I really don’t have any complaints! The set comes in a roll-up case which is great for keeping everything where it should be and I think people who want  some decent brushes for personal use and MUA’s that are just starting out could do a lot worse!

If you’ve tried brushes from the other sets I’d love to hear what you think about them! :-)

More than Mascara, by Estee Lauder

“More Than Mascara Moisture Binding Formula”

Around two months ago I bought Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light foundation while they were having a Special Offer. With my purchase I got a free tote bag, Day Wear Plus Multi Protection Creme, Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick and More Than Mascara in Rich Black.

The last few times that I’ve worn this mascara my eyes have felt really uncomfortable so I’ve stopped wearing it, but up until then I really liked it! It adds colour but not much extra length or thickness so it’s a nice one for anyone who has blond lashes and wants their lashes to look natural instead of heavily made-up. It felt nice, never feeling like I had too much on and it never got clumpy!  The brush is nice as it’s not too big, but I think mascara brush preferences differ from person to person so I guess you’ll have to check it out to see if it’s your preferred size and shape. I think it did actually had a good effect on my lashes as I had noticed that they had thinned out some what and are now back in all their glory. Might be a coincidence, might be the moisturising effects of the formula. I guess we won’t know for sure.

All in all I like it as a “natural day time in the office  lashes” type of mascara althought the price puts it a little out of my reach at the moment ;-)

Make-up Review: L’Oreal Matte Morphose

“Its feather-light soufflé texture extends seamlessly across the skin for a transformation you can see and feel. Pores appear virtually erased, the appearance of fine lines are reduced and skin feels peachy-soft.”

I’d seen L’Oreal Matte Morphose in shops and tried it on my hand to see what the texture was like and I really liked the silky feel. My plan was to buy some once I had the funds, but fate intervened and I received a free sample in the April edition of Glamour magazine! Score!

I tried it the day after we arrived in Vancouver and was very pleased to see that the shade was right for my skin tone.

It really does seem to melt into silk on your skin. I have large pores and they definitely appear reduced and less noticeable with this foundation. It blends nice and easily so less chance of “tide marks” for those who have trouble blending properly.

Greg and I went out for the day to explore Downtown Vancouver and when we got back my face was a little shiny (probably from the up hill walk from the sky train!) but my pores were still less noticable than usual and my skin still looked and felt silky.

I’m definately impressed. Could this be on my list of “things to buy with my first Canadian pay check” ? I reckon so!

Get your free sample with L’Oreal

Make-up Review – Jane Iredale, Dream Tint SPF 15

Having an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) of 15 and UVA protection starts this product on a good foot, and it pretty much stays there with its antioxidants, minerals to smooth your complexion and minimise fine lines and pores. As its mineral make-up you don’t really need to worry too much about reactions and side affects.

Dream tint is easy to apply as you simple do as you would with your usual moisturiser. It’s nice and light and has a great sheer finish.
I have the Peach Brightener. My red bits look a bit less red and my skin is fresh and dewey and I think it’s a great product for Spring, Summer even Autumn but not sure how it’s going to hold up in Winter when the weather becomes much harsher but at least we don’t need to worry about winter for a while :-) .

Nice product to use on its own when you want a natural “my skin, but better” look, but I use it as a primer for the Jane Iredale Amazing Base and the results are great.

Buy at or try Amazon

Make-up Review: L’Oreal Double Extension Beauty Tubes Mascara

Designed to give you great lenght that will last all day.

I’ve been using this mascara since I first tried it about a year ago. I love the length and thickness you can get from it and I love that I don’t need to worry about it running or coming off as it definately stays put until you take it off (I’ve been swimming in it a few times!).

It takes a minute or two to take it off as the instructions are to dampen a cotton pad and hold it onto your lashes for 30 seconds before wiping the mascara off, and it can be a bit messy as the tubes the mascara creates around your lashes don’t seem to want to give up the fight too easily, leaving you with little black bits here and there, but for me the extra time taking it off is totally out weighed by the look you can get from it as I love long, thick lashes.

Make-up Review – Olay Total Effects foundation

Total Effects Touch of Foundation is a daily moisturiser which provides 7 anti-ageing benefits plus a touch of Max factor foundation to even out skin tone:

  1. Line Minimization: Visibly reduces the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.
  2. Nourishing Moisturisation: For a radiant, healthy glow.
  3. Subtle Firming: Hydrates for firmer skin appearance.
  4. Gentle Exfoliation: Smoothes and evens skin texture.
  5. With Anti Oxidants: Helps prevent the appearance of premature signs of ageing to the skin’s surface layers.
  6. Pore Refinement: Minimizes the appearance of pores.
  7. Brightening: Improves skin surface dullness.

In general I’ve always liked Olay products, even back when it was Oil of Ulay, and this is no exception. It seems a little heavier than other moisturisers with a “hint of foundation” but it blends nicely and gives a really natural finish. It has spf 15 which is great for everyday usage any time of year, especially as we head towards spring when we’re not nessessarily thinking about the damage we can get from what little sun we get! Definately a useful, good quality product for those who like a nice light coverage. :-)

Buy it at my Beauty Buys Store

E.L.F and The Body Shop Travel Brushes

A few weeks ago I promised to let you know how my little travel brushes held up through the Czech Republic, and to be honest they did well!

I managed to create any looks I wanted as both sets have a good mix of brushes.

SAM_0024I’ve had The Body Shop travel kit for about a year now and I’m really impressed by them. The quality is good and I use them when I’m at home, not just when travelling. The kit itself is a small flat wallet and fits into my handbag easily which is very convenient for touch ups on the move or on a night out. There’s a small mirror in the wallet which isn’t for doing your whole face in but is good for putting on your lippy.

SAM_0022The E.L.F set is a more recent purchase. The quality isn’t perfect as the head of the lash comb fell off the first time I used it, but they are decent enough to take on your travels and the kit certainly didn’t break the bank ( £5 ! ). I feel happy about buying them for personal use (especially as funds are tight at the moment ;-)). I love the eyeshadow brush and tend to use the lip brush to apply eyeliner :-) I’m interested to see what the cosmetics are like as they are turning up more and more in magazines and articles. Not for professional use but I’ll certainly keep using mine for personal use ( I also bought a Kabuki brush from them for £5 which I like!)

Make-up Review – Collection 2000, Colour Lash in Electric Blue

Make-up Review
Collection 2000, Colour Lash in Electric Blue
“All day lasting wear mascara” .
I tried this mascara and initially wasnt too impressed. It didn’t look very bright or “Electric Blue” and it doesn’t give much lenght to the lashes (which is a main factor for my mascara’s). But, later in the morning my husband came into the room, went to give me a kiss, stopped halfway towards my face, and just starred at me. His one word for this mascara is “Funky”.
It seems this mascara stands out more the brighter the light gets. It still isn’t what I would call “Electric” but it is a nice colour and would be good for anyone who wants a change from their usual black, everyday mascara and wants to add a bit of fun to their look. It won’t break the bank either!

Collection 2000, Colour Lash in Electric Blue

“All day lasting wear mascara” .

I tried this mascara and initially wasnt too impressed. It didn’t look very bright or “Electric Blue” and it doesn’t give much lenght to the lashes (which is a main factor for my mascara’s). But, later in the morning my husband came into the room, went to give me a kiss, stopped halfway towards my face, and just starred at me. His one word for this mascara is “Funky”.

It seems this mascara stands out more the brighter the light gets. It still isn’t what I would call “Electric” but it is a nice colour and would be good for anyone who wants a change from their usual black, everyday mascara and wants to add a bit of fun to their look. It won’t break the bank either!