Book Review: Juliet Cohen, Vogue Make-up

Being approximately five and a half inches square this doesn’t look like much. However, there’s rather a lot of information in this little book :-)

It starts off with a general run down of the history of make-up starting with the Egyptians and the legendary Cleopatra, through the arsenic based face powders of the Elizabethans, the escapism of the 1940′s and glamour of the 1950′s, into thoughts about where cosmetics will lead to in the future.After this, it goes into different areas of skincare and tools of the trade then into chapters dedicated to Foundation, Lips, Eyes and Cheeks.

This book is full of advice and tips from big names in cosmetics and make-up artistry such as Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin and Ruby Hammer (of Ruby and Millie Cosmetics!). You can learn about your face shape and skin type, which tools are basic necessities and which products have multiple uses eg “Improvise. Lipstick will double up as eyeshadow and a natural lip liner as an eyeliner”.

The context of Vogue Make-up is mostly on providing you with information and tips so that you are better prepared to go out and buy the right type of skin care products for your needs and colours for your complexion, saving you from making expensive mistakes and buying the wrong products. There’s emphasis on being who you are and working with what you have, but also tips on creating the illusion of a smaller nose or poutier lips.

This is a good afternoons read and definately warrents a place on the bookshelf so that you can go back to it time and again for the tips and advice. It’s a good book for anyone who has no understanding of cosmetics or a basic understanding and who wants to learn why certains things work for you and others don’t.

I enjoyed it!

E.L.F and The Body Shop Travel Brushes

A few weeks ago I promised to let you know how my little travel brushes held up through the Czech Republic, and to be honest they did well!

I managed to create any looks I wanted as both sets have a good mix of brushes.

SAM_0024I’ve had The Body Shop travel kit for about a year now and I’m really impressed by them. The quality is good and I use them when I’m at home, not just when travelling. The kit itself is a small flat wallet and fits into my handbag easily which is very convenient for touch ups on the move or on a night out. There’s a small mirror in the wallet which isn’t for doing your whole face in but is good for putting on your lippy.

SAM_0022The E.L.F set is a more recent purchase. The quality isn’t perfect as the head of the lash comb fell off the first time I used it, but they are decent enough to take on your travels and the kit certainly didn’t break the bank ( £5 ! ). I feel happy about buying them for personal use (especially as funds are tight at the moment ;-)). I love the eyeshadow brush and tend to use the lip brush to apply eyeliner :-) I’m interested to see what the cosmetics are like as they are turning up more and more in magazines and articles. Not for professional use but I’ll certainly keep using mine for personal use ( I also bought a Kabuki brush from them for £5 which I like!)

Save Some Pennies!

If you’re cutting down on spending after the Christmas madness (like most of us) then you’ll be very glad to hear that Avon is having their January sale so it’s time to grab yourself some bargains, like the  “Buy 2 Choose 1 Free” on selected make-up offer and many more such as:

*One of The Daily Mail’s “Best Buys”, Avon’s Mega Impact Lipstick half price at only £4!

*Color Trend Eyeshadow Duo only £2.50, usually £4.25!

*Kiss ‘n’ Go Lipstick only £2.50 instead of £3.25 and on trend for Spring 2010 with it’s “Vino Disco” and “Wild Berry” shades!

*Color Trend Plump Out Mascara only £2.50, usually £4.25, with it’s Hi-Tech brush and duel-bristles for double the volume!


Avon has been in peoples hearts and handbags for the past 50 years and continues to grow as a brand name and home business for many, and also encourages people to help with worthwhile causes such as registered charity Refuge which is a charity raising awareness against violent abuse.

1p Books

A few days ago I was on Amazon and was amazed by the bargains you can find if you look for them. I found loads of make-up reference books for 1p ! ! A bargain for any make-up enthusiast.

Of course, they range from recently released “as-new” books to colourful books from the 1980′s (fun!) and earlier which are just fantastic! I spent ages on the site and jotted down a few of the bargains I found, ready for when we’re settled and I have a shelf to house all these great books  :-)
Here’s a few of the books I found :

Eyeko Sale

Eyeko, “Londons Cutest Cosmetics”, is having a sale ! Head over to to check out the current deals.

For an extra bonus, at check out enter the code E7152 into the ambassador box to receive your free gift and free shipping when you spend over £10 (which is easy to do with all of the fantstic and fun products to choose form) !
Eyeko Beauty - London's Cutest Cosmetics!

More Make-Up Courses

Saks London –

There are Saks Academies in Covent Garden (London), Glasgow (Scotland), Darlington (County Durham), Veneziz (Italy), and there is a new one opening soon in Wales. They have two make-up courses, one for complete beginners and the other for those with qualifications or experience.

Make-up Master Class
This short course is for anyone with an interest in make-up so you don’t need any experience or qualifications to attend.
The course covers day, evening, fashion and photographic make-up. “You will develop skills in basic application of make-up, skin correction, followed by make-up techniques to complement fashion shows and hair work. If you’re already trained in day and evening make-up, then the first day can be deducted from the course.” You attend the course for three days and then go back to complete an assessment day. A kit is included and you receive a Saks Academies Diploma on successful completion of the course.
It is a four day course and current dates are: 12,13,14 Jan (Day 4 – 19 Feb); 29, 30, Jun, 01 Jul (Day 4 – 05 Aug); 21, 22, 23 Oct (Day 4 – 22 Oct)

Advanced Make-Up Class
This course is for people who have accomplished training in basic make-up/art, successfully completed their basic Masterclass course or have previous experience in make-up artistry.
The course “builds on foundation knowledge to expand and fine-tune your make-up skills. You will learn body painting and air brushing with training in professional product usage, tools and techniques.” The final day is a practical session. You will receive a Saks Advanced Diploma on successful completion of the course.
This is a three day course and only occurs on demand.

Each course costs £450 (At time of posting).

#Exerpts from Saks web-site

Make-Up Courses Additions

University of the Arts London/London College of Fashion, London, /

There’s a mixture of courses for your needs.

The “Foundation Degree for hair and make-up for film and tv” and ” Foundation Degree for hair and make-up for fashion” which are both 2 year, full time courses costing around £3,225 (ATOP).

A good example of their short courses is the “wedding make-up techniques” course which teaches modern, asian inspired, natural and strong bridal looks where you practice on other students. This particular course costs £445 (ATOP), can be taken over 3 consecutive days or 6 consectutive Saturdays, and you need to take your own brushes and cleanser.

The Beauty Academy, salons in Birmingham, London, Yorkshire, Cambridge, Dartford and Milon Keynes

“The Beauty Academy has offered correspondence beauty training courses for over 12 years now. The courses are popular with beginners and existing therapists wishing to add to their skills, as well as those with busy schedules or those who live too far from our academies to enrol on one of our attendance beauty courses. ”

The distance Academy provide both salon based and distance learning courses and currently have last minute offers of up to 50% off some of their usual prices.

During the salon based 1 day course the training focuses on Day, Evening and Bridal make-up and are shown how to adapt the treatment for different eye and face shapes. Professional ethics, Client consultation and record-keeping, safety and hygiene in the salon, contra-indications to the treatment, preparation of the client and materials, anatomy, physiology and Client aftercare. This course is usually £195 (ATOP) but it is on offer at £95 in some places.

The distance learning make-up course costs £125 (ATOP), is done in your own time, and comes with a training DVD. It will “enable you to tailor basic make-up application methods and products to suit a variety of skin conditions, complaints and lifestyle requirement.  We will cover advanced application methods, corrective and occasion make-up.” To gain an insurable academy diploma to offer treatments to paying clients, a practical assessment is required which can be arranged at any of the training centres once you’ve completed your course.

> Excerpts from The Beauty Academy website.

London School of Beauty and Make-up (Lond-est), London

“Long revered as the number one school in Europe to learn high fashion make-up techniques”.

There are 5 specific courses including creative make-up, airbrushing and 1 hair dressing course, and then there are combined courses.

For example, the combined Foundation and Creative course is a 4 week intensive course incorporating everything from the 2 week Foundation course (basic make-up up to bridal and special occassion) and the 2 week Creative course (focues on make-up for photography), and includes a photoshoot at the studio with an agency model and costs £2100 (ATOP) which includes everything you will need for the course, but you are advised to buy a make-up and brush kit (which you can buy from them if desired) for at home practice. Seperately the 2 week Foundation course costs £950 (ATOP) and the Creative course costs £1600 (ATOP).

* Excerpts from the Lond-est website.

London Academy of Freelance Makeup (AOFM Pro), Soho, London

AOFM has plenty of different course on offer ranging from the 3 day Airbrushing course at £445 (ATOP) to the Total Pro: Creative Specialist Certificate at £3990 (ATOP).

The Total Pro: Creative Specialist Certificate is the “complete Package course for people who are very serious about interning the makeup industry. Become a total and complete professional specialising in Make up artistry Nails Hairstyling and Airbrush Make up”

All courses include the AOFM 22 piece professional tool brush and belt set worth over £200 within the course price, each class has 2 tutors who are currently at the top of their professions and all materials are included.

# Exerpts from the AOFM Pro website.

Make-up Courses

A friend of mine, Anna, is thinking about joining the Make-up Artistry gig and was wondering which course to go for so I’ve done a bit of research and put together some info about available courses in the UK. Most of the bigger courses seem to be in the south of England but there are some dotted about the rest of the country, too. They range in price and in what they offer. Some are really baic, some are part time whilst others are full time year long. Here’s a few that I’ve found:

Beauty Base London, London,

“The school for fashion, music and celebrity make-up”. “The first make-up school to offer postgraduates an exciting opportunity to have their work published in fashion and beauty magazines”. ” One, Two or Three Weeks Course, extremely intense and exclusive course will give students a thorough grounding in the make-up they see around them on the catwalks, in pop videos and in fashion magazines”. *

The photos on the web-site are wonderfully fun and vibrant and there are videos of the school to watch online and examples of projects postgraduates went on to work with (including a Basement Jaxx music video)

Their joint Intense Basic & Advanced Course which is done over 2 weeks and includes a basic make-up kit with the first week of basic make-up (at the time of posting) costs £2500. Over the 2 weeks you will be taught skills including basic make-up, stenciling, advanced make-up skills and you will have the opportunity to do a photoshoot with a professional photographer. They have other options such as the Ethnic Skin Tones course fot £800 (ATOP), their 1 day Masterclass for professionals only at £100 (ATOP) and their 1 day Bridal Make-up course for novices and professionals for £200 (ATOP).

* Exerpts from Beauty Base London’s website.

London Academy of Media, Film & TV, London,

“London Academy can help you achieve success in the Media, Film and Television industry”. “London Academy is a non profit organisation offering all students a dynamic experience with some of the best tutors in the industry who are both passionate and dedicated to helping you achieve your ultimate ambition”. #

With courses during the day, weekends or evenings there are a few options for you to choose from including a Photographic Make-up course, Bridal Make-up course and a Make-up Masterclass.

The Make-up Masterclass is for those who already have some experience with make-up application and includes 5 days of catwalk, gothic, global and Hollywood make-up and also body painting. This specific course costs £895 (ATOP) and you need to buy a make-up and brush kit (available from them for £70, ATOP). You recieve an industry recognised certificate when you successfully complete their courses and they have several course to choose from depending on your preference.

# Exerpts from the London Academy of Media, Film & TV website.

Brushstroke, at Shepperton Studios,

“In comparison to other courses of a similar nature and cost, Brushstroke offers a longer duration of intensive, professional training within the internationally renowned Shepperton Film Studios”.” ‘Brushstrokes’ is considered to be the best makeup training school in the world”. ~

Brushstroke has course ranging from 5 days to 2 years and teaches students from all over the globe.

Their 3 month course teaches make-up within areas such as high definition fashion, photography and catwalk make-up and costs (ATOP) £6000 which includes a basic kit, including brushes. You work alongside lecturers and guest professionals from the likes of Vogue, Elle and other publications. The Brushstroke name pops up many make-up forums with positve reviews  and their online gallery of students work gives you an idea of why, with great beauty shots and many creative ideas.

~Exerpts from the Brushstroke website.

CBMAcadmy (Christine Brundell Make-up Academy), Camden, London,

“The CB*MA is a new school founded by Academy Award – winning make-up artist and hair designer Christine Blundell”. “All teaching staff at CB*MA are also fully active within the profession, collaborating alongside Christine continuously and being specially selected by her on the basis of their particular skills and contributions to the world of television, theatre and cinema.” #

There is only 1 course at CBMA and it is a 12 week intensive course desinged by Christine Brundell to teach you everything you will need to get into a career within media make-up artistry. The course includes training in basic make-up application, hair extensions, character make-up and more. It costs £6800 plus VATof £1020 (ATOP) and includes a professional kit with everything you will need to complete this course.

The CBMA’s web-site is full of photos of celebrities and students work ranging from aging make-up to wound make-up and beauty make-up showing the range and work Christine Brundell has been involved with in her 20 year career.

# Exerpts from CBMA website