So we’re here in Vancouver! We don’t have anywhere perminent to live yet, but we’re working on it. We do, however, have jobs (Yay!).

Greg found a job in IT and I got a position as a receptionist in a nail bar. It isn’t ideal, obviously I would have prefered a job in a full beauty salon, but it is an opportunity to see how salons work and to gain some insight into marketing, promotion ideas and how to organise a busy work load of appointments which I will be able to incorporate into my future career as a make-up artist. Also, If in the future I decide to stop being mobile and open my own beauty salon (some day, sigh!) then this will be a great bit of experience. In a perfect world I would have months to find the perfect make-up job, but my visa doesnt allow me to work freelance and we’re in a new country where we need somewhere to live and money to pay for it ;-)

I am definately looking at this from an experience point of view. I will gain transferable skills from this job (ie. marketing, promo ideas and orgnising appointments) and after the busy summer I will have time to attend some short part-time make-up artistry courses, and who knows, I may try my hand at some manicures ;-)

I think my point is that if you want to get into make-up artistry (or any job for that matter) but you dont have the exact experience or training, try to look at what you do have (transferable skills, enthusiasm, time to train…) and figure out how it can help push you forward into your dream career. :-)

Skincare Review: LUSH face mask, Mask of Magnaminty

I finished my last face mask weeks ago and have been craving a new one, so I thought I’d try one that I haven’t used before. I went into LUSH and Greg treated me to a few things. One of them was their Mask of Magnamity.

The tub says it’s “deep cleansing, toning and exfoliating” and thats exactly what I look for in a face mask! Basically, you leave it on until it hardens, then wash it off with circular motions. The mask itself is green and smells minty (like mint choc ice cream! yum!) and has small bits in it (again, like mint choc ice cream!) which I think is the Oenothera Biennis (evening pirmrose) seed.

I’ve used it a couple of times now and my skin feels sooo smooth afterwards. The bits started to fall off the second time as I left it on for quite a while, haha, but thats not really a giant problem. My skin is definately looking better than it has for the last few weeks, not as blotchy or spotty.

I’ve never really bought masks that go hard, and it’s quite a strange feeling, but at least I’ll never forget I’ve got it on and head out to the shops, hahaha :-)

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