Okay, so here’s an update on what’s (slowly) happening with my make-up career :-)

I’ve found a couple of short, part-time make-up courses here in Vancouver that are the more affordable choices at this time:


This course is 2 hours a day, 1 day a week, for 3 weeks. There is a Basic, Intermediate and Advanced course, each costing $140 including in-class kit. The basic course trains in “eye makeup application (natural to smokey) eyebrow shapes, false lashes, foundation, concealer, skincare, blush, contour and highlighting, and lips.”


(Evelin Charles Academy)

This course is 3 hours a day, 2 days a week for 5 weeks; or 2 consecutive weekends and currently costs $1440 including kit, books and tax. Technical Training for this course:
“Face: Facial highlighting and contouring, concealer, foundation selection
and application.
Eyes: Eye contouring, eye shadows, eye liner, mascara selection and application. Artificial eye lashes, eye lash tinting techniques and eyebrow shaping and
Lips: Lip contouring, application and color selection.
Make-up Application: Day, evening, bridal and special occasions.
Make-up techniques for corrective makeup, and skin types including Asian,
darker, and maturing skin.”

Both courses offer several start dates throughout the year, but I’d like to do one fairly soon. I’m thinking of doing the Mika course first since it’s only $140 and 1 day a week which is easy to organise. That way I can gain a better basic understanding of what it takes to become a MUA,¬† progress to the Intermediate and Advanced courses whilst saving up for the Evelin Charles course.

What I’m trying to do at the moment is gain enough skills and understanding to feel comfortable putting myself onto sites such as Model Mayhem, make contacts by doing some TFP (Time for Photos) work and hopefully building up a small portfolio whilst having a bit of fun.

It’s a long¬† journey but it’ll be worth it! :-)