Safe Beauty Association Education

Last year I wrote about, their commitment to safe beauty and the possibility that they were going to set up make-up lessons. Well they didn’t dissappoint! “New and unique” makeup master classes are here from the Safe Beauty Association,  designed by David Horne, Director of Education at Jemma Kidd Makeup School, one of the industry’s leading makeup educators and an experienced fashion and catwalk professional makeup artist.  The series is supported by Dermalogica, “the number one choice of skin care professionals and consumers worldwide”.

The sessions are open to everyone and anyone and take place throughout the year giving tips and insight into  “achieving high end, on trend makeup; practical advice on how to achieve the perfect canvas on which to apply beautiful eyes and lips; global beauty and vision into the insiders season’s trends, inside secrets for bridal beauty and expert advice on how to create a whole range of eye and lip looks – from smokey eyes to no makeup makeup, perfect pouts to nudes on nudes.” All sessions include training in the importance of practising makeup safely according to the new Safe Beauty Association’s Code of Conduct.

Each master class costs 50 pounds (inclusive of VAT) per attendee members. Everyone will receive a £25.00 voucher to spend on essential products to spend online at Cost to SBA members is £25.00.
Master classes will be held at Dermalogica’s flagship London store at Address: 8 Lancer Square, Kensington Church Street, London W8.
You can book online or call 020-3178-2960 to make  a reservation.
Master Classes can also be booked at

I only wish I was  in the country to take it ;-) Beauty can never be too safe in my opinion :-)

Third Lesson at Mika’s

So today was the last day of the basic lessons, focusing on lip, eye liner and false lashes. I found it a lot easier to get the liner looking good when doing it on someone else and the false lashes (we used singles) were really easy. I thought I was going to have issues with false lashes but they were a lot easier than I thought.

Through this course I receive a MAC Pro Student card (it’ll be here in a  month or so) which means I can get 40% off the student kits, which is great! I haven’t actually decided if I’m going to buy one of the kits, but I have 6 months to decide as that’s how long the membership lasts :-) They look good and hopefully I’ll be doing plenty of practice in the near future, but we’ll just have to see if the funds are there ;-)

All in all I think this was a nice intro to makeup that I haven’t really had a chance to work with, due to cost of products etc and I’m glad I did it.

I’m going to go straight into the intermediate lessons at Mika’s which will start next week so I’ll have more tales to tell soon :-)

Second Lesson at Mika’s

So this lesson was different from last week as there were two other people in the class with me and one more teacher. We were shown how to do two differing smokey eyes, one for almond shaped eyes and the other for round  eyes (like mine) :-)

As with last week they showed us how to do the look on one eye, working the products and blending properly, then we copied the look on the other eye using the same techniques and tools. I have to say I think I did a bang up job ;-) I would have taken photos to put up on here but I lost my camera last Christmas in the Czech Republic :-( I’ll get a new one soon and hopefully I’ll start doing make-up worthy of photography ;-)

It’s really good being able to use all the different tools and getting advice about which shaped brush works best for what. Yes I can (and have) read these things in books but I find it’s nicer to have someone stood there who knows more than you do so you can ask questions!

First day at Mika’s

So I was right about the course being aimed mostly at doing your own make-up but luckily the woman taking the course knows what she’s talking about!  Also, I’m actually her only student on a Wednesday which means she was able to personalise what she was teaching me. I told her how this is my first proper step to becoming a MUA and she was really helpful, giving me tips on how to adapt things for others and we had some spare time at the end of the class so she let me go over what she’d taught me on her :-) which was brave ;-). She’s been in the MUA business for about 10 years and has worked freelance on photo shoots and tv commercials and things like that, but now mostly does bridal make-up and teaching.

Yesterdays lesson was about doing natural make-up and the next two lessons will be on more of an evening look and colour theory.  It’s amazing how much make-up goes into creating the “natural” look :-)


Finally, my time off corresponds with the Mika Basic Course dates and I have a spot being held for the course that starts Wednesday 15th September, running in the evening for three weeks.

I have a feeling that this basic course will mainly focus on personal make-up, but it’s a good first step into more courses such as the Mika Intermediate and Advanced courses and then (once I have some savings) other longer, more indepth training.

I sat down the other day and worked out a simple three year plan which basically consists of training part-time on local courses (courses depend on whether we are in Canada or UK), gradually gaining experience doing TFCD jobs, building a porfolio of professional work and then becoming self-employed in one way or another. I know that it wont be easy or quick and I dare say I’ll have to foray into the life of a cosmetics sales rep in my spare time ( Avon or VirginV maybe?) to continue progressing and gaining experience and I’m okay with that. I’ve attended plenty of cosmetics parties in my time and know how they work and it will probably be hard work but fun :-) I’ll let you know how the course goes!