First Advanced Lesson at Mika’s

My family were in Vancouver for a week and so I took them with me to this lesson. My sister and niece were our willing guinea pigs ( a third student in our class brought her own model/friend) and my mam watch. We created vampire looks with really pale skin, dark eyes, etc.

Andrea worked on Simonne (my niece) and she did an amazing look! Simonne ended up with a flatter looking nose, Vulcan style eyebrows (for non-Trekkie’s, Vulcan’s eyebrows look like this ) but much longer, black lips and Little details that just looked great! Nice one Andrea! :-)

The new recruit (sorry, I don’t remember her name) did a lovely look on her friend which was both pretty and creepy at the same time. She used classic lines, hollow cheeks, lots of eye-shadow and dark lips.

I didn’t do as well as the others in my opinion. It’s wierd as fantasy-esq make-up is definately where I feel the most comfortable but I played it really safe for some reason. I think I was maybe a bit embarressed or scared of going over-board or something in front of everyone (especially professional MUA’s). I used dark eye-shadow and darkened Katrina’s (my sisters) blond eyebrows and did a red lip and hollow cheeks, but it wasn’t half as good as the others’. I was pleased with the scratch marks I drew on her neck and cheek though :-)( In our little character backstory Katrina had been bitten by Edward and was fighting with Jacob who scratched her, haha. My sister’s Twilight crazy!).

Karin and Elizabeth showed us how to create different types of blood for various types of wounds for if we want to do some special effects make-up so I had a little dried blood on her wounds and a little dripping blood running down her chin. That looked good! :-) Creepy, but good :-)

Anyway, here’s what I did. I like how realistic the scratches look:

kat vampire

Here’s Andreas work on Simonne:

simonne vampire

Donate a picture of you!

Help street children with You are the Big Picture

Check this out! You could have your face up on the side of a building or somewhere. All you have to do is donate a picture of yourself and it could be selected to be turned gargantuan. :-) It’s for a really good cause! I donated my facebook profile photo, it’s a photo of my Water Faerie look that I did for Miss Worthy’s competition :-)

The following is just a bit of info from their blog :-)

“Raising funds for Aviva’s Street to School programme which helps street children around the world, is an important part of the “You are the Big Picture” campaign. We’re really dedicated to making a positive difference in the communities we work in, and have pledged a five year commitment to help half a million children worldwide. For every image successfully donated, as part of “You are the Big Picture”, we will donate £1 to fund initiatives for street children in India, in partnership with Save the Children. India has more street children than any other country in the world and we want Street to School to really help make a difference here.”

Last Intermediate Lesson at Mika’s

Last week we (Andrea and me) were given the task of researching and choosing a chosen decade so that we could recreate the style in our last intermediate lesson. Andrea chose the 60′s, with it’s “banana lines” and drawn on lashes :-) I have to admit I struggled because to be honest there is something that I love in ever era, but eventually I went for the 40′s and a classic Pin-up girl look.

Both looks went well, except for me having trouble with the strip lashes (which are now my official number one nemesis!). The look Andrea chose to do was really fun with blue and white with black lines and huge false lashes. The eyes alone took ages and it’s hard to imagine people going through all that trouble for a night out or some other occasion! The end result was great though, so I guess it’s worth the effort :-) My Pin-up girl look for easier to achieve (except for those darn lashes!) with a heavy to medium base, long lashes, beauty mark and big, red, cupid-bow lips.

It was nice to recreate the looks of the past and I definitely have things that I need to practice (strip lashes!!), but I think I prefer being able to create my own looks, or perhaps taking lots of inspiration from previous eras but developing them into something else. I do love the glamour of the 40′s, the fun of the 60′s, the the total “do whatever you want” of the 80′s, though! ;-)

Second Entry for Mizz Worthy/Muse/Illamasqua

My second entry for this competition is Nadiah, a member of the elusive Naiads (Naiades) who are faeries/nymphs of bodies of fresh water and are one of the three main classes of water nymphs.  Nadiah was captured from Derwentwater and taken by a traveling circus master, kept in captivity for over a century and made to perform as “The Mermaid Girl” in every show and every town. The ring masters changed, acts came and went, but Nadiah remained captive and miserable. When performing once again in Keswick Nadiah made a daring escape, killing her ring master in the process, and made her way into Derwentwater. But Naiads only live as long as their body of water does. If that dries up the fairy dies with it. So now Nadiah plots and schemes in hopes of finding the fabled Elixer Of Life in order to live forever and take her revenge on any mortal who dares swim in her waters. Revenge for the captivity. Rrevenge for all the pointing and staring. Sweet revenge!





I pretty much used the same products as last time but included my Collection 2000 Trio of blue colours with some use from the Claire’s Accessories set. The mascara is from Avon and the gems are from the craft shop down the road :-)
What do you think? :-)

Intermediate Lesson at Mika’s #2

Yesterday was fun!

We talked a little more about colour theory and tried out two different smokey eyes incorporating colour theory into our choice of eye-shadows. Doing both looks on one person meant that we could see how much of a difference the style of eyeshadow can make to the shape of someones eyes/face. With one style my eye looked as though it drooped down at the outer corner but with the other it looked as though my eye had been lifted and ope while we’re opened it up!

We get to talk about lots of practical things while we’re working on each other such as “which brushes are must have’s?”, “Do you do foundation or eyeshadow first?”, “Whats the best advice you can give someone who is just starting out?”, they must want to tear their hair out by the end of the lessons ;-)

One piece of advice they gave which I will start on now is to start collecting tear-sheets of looks that I like and want to try out. This basically means tearing images out of magazines and creating a folder of them so that I can look through them for inspiration. They also come in handy when you start getting clients as they can look through them to see what kind of look they would like you to do for them.

Of course the next big thing is to create a portfolio of your own work.! :-)

Something else that happened at the lesson was Elizabeth invited me to be her assistant on a TV pilot she is working on through November :-) I’m guessing it will be early mornings and long days but how cool is that! It’s voluntary of course but it will be fantastic experience as I’ll get to really see how the professionals do it! It also times out perfectly as it starts after my family go back to England (my mam, sister and niece are coming to visit soon, Yay!), and Greg will be in the middle of some intense revision for some certificates he’s taking in Early December. Perfect! I’d like to take this opportunity to officially thank Elizabeth… Thankyou :-)

Miss Chievous Myths and Legends Competition Entry

My first slide show, Yay! :-) It’s only a quick video as I’m only using the free Animoto 30 second video subscription, but hey it’s my first ;-)

This is my entry for the competition. The theme is Myths and Legends and so I chose Angels.

Most people have their own view of what angels are and so this is my creative interpretation. The general view is that angels are genderless, ethereal, strong, caring and devoted. Most think of them with wings and a shining aura so I tried to incorporate that into my look :-)

With my limited kit I did what I could and please ignore my hair, imagine I’m bald or have long silvery locks…

(Please ignore the spelling mistakes!)

Create your own video slideshow at

Here’s the photos too as the video doesnt have them at best quality…



What do you think of me as an Angel? ;-)

Entry for Illamasqua/Muse/Mizz Worthy Competition

I mentioned recently that there are some make-up competitions at the moment and that I was going to give them a go. Well, here’s entry number one :-)


Aine is a dreamlike fairie queen, able to enter the dreams of mortals and bring peace and joy. Turned bitter over centuries of delving into the subconscious minds of mortals and seeing fear, anger and hatred everywhere, Aine now walks the dreamlands turning dreams into nightmares only coming to the mortal realms on rare occasions. As her life span is coming close to it’s natural end, Aine has set her sights on discovering ever lasting life and controlling the dreamlands forever!

(I wanted to incorporate the pretty, glittery aspect of her with the dark and angry aspect which is why I gave her both crystals and dark swirling scars. Although she has turned to the Dark Arts she still has both sides warring inside her soul and she shows physical manifestations of each.)

007_rouge_mua_2010comps_20101011_IMG_8371_Web800_ 016_rouge_mua_2010comps_20101011_IMG_8395_Web800_





( I actually used a lot more shimmer on my face than it looks like, but I guess thats just a lesson learnt for photographic makeup. My kit is still very limited so all I had for this look was a  Collection 2000 eyeshadow trio (24 Alchemy) and a set from Claire’s Accessories. The gems were from the local craft shop and my lips I outlined with black eyeliner (no lipliner so I imprevised) then Max Factor Blackcurrant around the edge with Estee Lauder Pure Color (161 Pink Parfait) in the centre and all blended inwards to create a “stained berry” lip look. Cheeks are a blend of ColourWorks powder blush on the apples, Claire’s blush up the cheekbones and silver eyeshadow to contour :-) )

So, what do you think?

Bright Colours and Your Skin Tone

I’ve never really been one for bright colours. Growing up it was black and purples, early twenties it was browns, but now I’m trying far more colours of varying intensities. I guess it might be because I’m in a city and feel far less likely to be noticed for wearing bright blue/yellow eyeshadow but whatever the reason I’m definitely coming out of my colour-shell ;-) I found a blog post by a woman with pale skin who seems to love bright colours so if you’re pale like me and unsure how to go about being that little bit braver with your colour choices then check this out.

I also came across an article reassuring women with brown skin that they are okay to wear bright colours in their make-up ( check it out at  Socialite Dreams ). It’s a nice article and gives exmples of how to wear blue eyeshadows/liners for best effect (there are more articles about colours too) but the reason it stood out for me was that I was a little suprised that women with brown skin would feel that they couldn’t wear bright blue. I’ve always thought bright colours really pop and look absolutely stunning on dark skin and have always been jealous that I am so pale and look washed out if I get it even slightly wrong. The article has photos of Rihanna and Beyonce sporting bright blue shadow and it just looks lovely!

Whatever your skin colour I think the main thing is to go with what you like! If you’re new to make-up or trying something different maybe start off small, with a quick wash of colour over the lid stopping at the crease. Then if you like it and feel comfortable pushing forward why not try one colour on the lid and another colour to line the eye. Then just keep trying new, brighter colours. Ask friends and family for their opinion’s but always remember, it’s your face and you don’t have to wear anything you’re not comfortable with!

Whatever you try, have fun with it! I know I will ;-)

Autumn 2010 Trends

I guess I’m a little late with this one but there’s still plenty of Autumn left for you to try this seasons looks :-) Whether you love the dramatic or the understated there’s something for you this season…

Matte Faces: There are some great matte foundations out there so this is a fairly easy one to follow. Make sure you prep your skin well before applying anything and setting the foundation with a translucent powder is a good way to help avoid shine. If you have really oily skin why not carry  some blotting papers in your handbag!? (Matte faces as seen at the shows of Mario Schwab and Isaac Mizrahi.)

Purple Eye Shadow: Strong and smokey or a soft wash across the lid, you can’t go wrong with a dash of purple this autumn! Go for a strong purple smokey eye with a nod to grunge, or try a simple wash of lilac over the lid to the crease and a darker shade of liner along top and bottom lash lines. For both looks keep the face neutral with rosy cheeks to be “on-trend”!

Natural Beauty: For this look it’s all about great skin with a little contouring but no definitive lines. Keep colours Toffee-ish and Nude with perhaps a little shimmer around the eyes and a natural mouth. The look was a little androgynous on the catwalks with darker brows and no mascara, but kept feminine with the soft contouring. (Check out the shows of Mark Jacobs or Mario Schwab.)

Red Lips: This is always a classic and is never far away in one form or another. This season we’re seeing softer shaped lips with a natural face. Any red will work (so chose your favourite!) as long as it’s the focus of the face. A nice tip if you go really dark is to pat a little light red in the centre of the lips to keep them from looking flat :-)

Intermediate make-up lesson #1

So, yesterday I had the first  intermediate make-up lesson with the lovely ladies at Mika’s (aka Elizabeth and Karin). There was another woman there (Andrea) who also wants to learn how to do make-up on others so they have geared these next few lessons towards professional skills and knowledge.

Yesterday being our first day they focused on colour theory, what works with what, etc and we had to create a fun look on each other choosing our own colours and styles with help and tips from Elizabeth and Karin throughout. They both have great tips and tricks and best of all they both have different personal styles when it comes to how they do things so we’re getting to see things from two different professional perspectives :-)

I wish I had a camera to take snap shots of the looks we created but a description will have to suffice for now :-/

I basically did a purple smokey eye. It looked great on her as she has lovely brown eyes and the purples looked so sultry. I complimented the eyes with a pink gloss so that the look didn’t look “too much”. She has freakles and wanted to get rid of them so I layered the foundation (from Face Atelier) on her forehead, chin and below her cheeks but left the freakles on the nose and cheeks showing as they looked cute ;-)

I went hunting and found a couple of videos that explain about colour theory and complamentary colours for those who aren’t too familiar with the concept :-)