Building Up A Portfolio

So most of my time at the moment is spent looking for projects to work on. is great for this and I have a few people on the look out ;-)
Most postings ask for Key Make-up artists which I dont think I’m ready for as I want to gain more experience on set/location working with other MUA’s that have more experience than me, but there are a few things out there looking for additional help so I’m basically sending out emails offering myself as a spare pair of hands. Everything depends on whether or not they reply :-/
There are, however, local Photographers looking to collaborate to build their portfolios and I definitely think I am ready for that! I have so many ideas for looks I want to create. Some nice clean beauty shots and other wild and weird. All I need now is a chance to bring them to life ;-). I think once I have a few great pictures I’ll set up a ModelMayhem page!

I’m still waiting to hear when I can use the images from the Pilot show I worked on. I think they’ll be a nice start to my portfolio :-)

I love YouTube!

You can find anyone and anything on YouTube!  I search it for tutorial videos from business entrepreneurs, make-up artists and episodes of 1980′s cartoons (ah, the memories! Thunder, Thunder, Thunder Cats…) ;-).

Someone I found recently is a MUA based in the UK called Wayne Goss. I love his videos as they are full of useful info about professional quality products, which products you can save a few pennies on and great tutorials. (He’s not exactly an eyesore either ;-))

I’ve popped his show-reel into this post as I feel I should share him with the world. Hope he doesn’t mind! Ah, heck, he’s on YouTube so he’s abviously not shy ;-) Check him out: has had a face-lift! There are more products and descriptions from professional make-up artists and a new layout. Check it out for advice on products for your kit, Pro or otherwise.

Below is an exerpt from the site:

In My Kit was launched in 2005 as a guide to assist new makeup artists.  Building your first professional makeup kit can be very expensive and given the endless product choices…very confusing.

The products reviewed and recommended on IN MY KIT appear only after their performance is approved as pro quality by a cross-section of highly respected, working Senior Pro Artists around the world. We compare notes at industry events, by phone, by email, on social networks and industry forums.
Everything from moisturizer to mascara, lipstick to lipgloss, drugstore to specialty store. This is a guide to the best basics, outstanding new technology and some all-time favorites that are still best in category.

Consideration for placement on this website will never be based on Comps or Sponsorship from any manufacturer or distributor. Quality control is also VERY important and products appearing on this website are periodically checked for consistency.  Companies that alter existing formulations in a way that compromises or lessens their product’s performance will be removed from the IN MY KIT website.

EXTRA! EXTRA! Most of the companies featured offer Professional Makeup Artist discount programs when you present the correct credentials.”

Another Year In Canada! :-)

Greg’s work is able to sponsor him to stay and work for them for another year, which means we get to stay in Vancouver for a bit longer!! :-)

Vancouver seems like a great place for us both with regards to work. Greg has a job he enjoys, in a city he likes, with great weather in summer (always nice) and I will hopefully get some more work experience on projects in the area. There are a few web-sites such as Craigs List where people can advertise the tv/film/photography projects that they need help with, so hopefully I’ll be able to find some things to work on in my spare time and build up my portfolio :-).

The only problem with being able to stay is that we can’t leave Canada while our visa applications are being processed, which means I’m not able to visit family and friends back home for another few months. So sad, but at least we can now time our home visit for the time when my pregnant sister is due ;-)

Ups and downs, swings and round-abouts!