Artist short film

I was asked to help out on a short artistic film being shot over the next few weekends and with the theme being mythical creatures…

…obviously I said yes!

The piece is very personal for the director and we’re meeting up on Tuesday to talk it over some more. I’m excited that it’s a fantasy theme as it means I get to play outside the limits of everyday make-up and have some fun with colours, textures and a few out-of-kit effects. Again it’s low budget but I see that as a chance to be creative and find strange ways to create the things we want with what we have and can afford.

I think Eddie (the director) said he wants everything done and edited by October 18th, so if it all pans out (which it will!) then I’ll have another little video to put up here for you all to see :-) Yay!

Evening with MAC

I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life recently which means I haven’t really been up to much with regards to my makeup career (the film was on hold for a while and should be starting up again soon), but I did have the chance to go to a MAC evening (complete with wine and canapes!) a couple of weeks ago. It was a night to show professionals all about whats happening with Autumn/Winter trends this year and how to re-create them and teach them to others.

It was a really good evening. Very casual with a friendly atmosphere and a few new products to “show and tell” and lots of behind the scenes stories. We were also given an A/W photo book with images of what the MAC artists have been doing on the catwalks (for the likes of Alexander Wang, Chloe and Moschino to name a few). The photos are all unprocessed so we can see exactly what was done in its raw form and have simple style explanations.

The books themselves are usually only available to the press, so I’m feeling a little smug right now (although its obviously just left overs from shows at the beginning of the year, but I dont care ;-))  The looks that are hot right now are called Mod-ernist (see A/W 2011 David Koma, Donna Karan and Jaeger London), Disco-Tech (see A/W 2011 Vivienne Westwood Red Label, The Blonds and Jean-Pierre Braganza (love love love!)), Tough-Love (see Betty Jackson, Richard Nicoll and Prapal Gurung) and Amber-Gris (see A/W 2011 Norman Ambrose (love!), Kenzo and Mary Katrantzou).





It is incredible the amount of spam you’re greeted with when you don’t check your comments for a week or so, hahaha!

One week without a computer and I come back to 350 spam comments that need deleting. A host of comments aimed at people who don’t exist and haven’t left the comment that they are supposed to have, or comments on the Start Date For Filming post that wonder “why don’t all people know of this product”, haha.

I don’t mind accepting the ones from websites or blog that are related to Make-up or anything similar, but I’d much prefer that their comment was on the lines of “Hi, Thought you might be interested in my blog/website, check it out…”. At least it would look a little more natural on a make-up based website than “I agree the Kia car company has its merits…” ;-)