Motives cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

I applied for the Motives Pro Artist Program a little while ago and I got my reply today. I was unsuccessful due to “not currently meeting the qualifications of the program”.

So I’m good enough for MAC and Make Up For Ever (I was accepted as a Pro member for both) but not for Motives :-). Strict! I am curious as to where I failed as I sent them all the information and “proof” that was required for the application. Perhaps I should have sent different items. They ask for two pieces of professional documentation (which can be a comp card, business card, editorial page with credit, union card, head shot and resume, license, your diploma/certificate, publication masthead, program/press materials, contract on company letterhead, crew/call sheet, or professional employment letter of reference) and an example of work. I sent them a copy of a call sheet from the pilot show I worked on last year, a program for a theatre show from this summer and a photo of a brides make-up. Maybe I should have sent them a copy of one of my certificates instead of the program? Or perhaps they read my blog and decided that since most of my work is unpaid (by choice, by the way, due to my visa type) that I don’t class as professional? Or maybe they just don’t think I’m good enough?! Who knows.

If anyone is thinking of applying then I would definitely say “do it”! Try them out. The Motives name is definitely getting bigger, with more people seeming to sell the products and use them for professional work. I haven’t bought any yet as I was waiting to hear back about membership, but there are quite a lot of positive reviews out there along with professional MUA’s standing by the Motives products, even for HD and TV work. Before applying I did some research into Motives and I don’t think I found any bad reviews.

If you’ve tried them I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, do you think I should try agin with different pieces of “proof”, or wait until I have more experience and pieces of work?

Promotional shots from “Rising Unicorn”

Eddie sent me some images of the Rising Unicorn shoot from last month. I did the make-up for everyone except the mermaid (I mentioned before that Leo was trained at Blanche Macdonald and wanted to do her own, which is fair enough :-)).



I’m quite proud of the protruding wing bones of the angel, I’d never really done any effects before :-)


And the main promo pic of Eddie himself…


What do you think??