Zombie Walk

The Vancouver Zombie walk wa last weekend and so I got to have some fun with my make-up!

I killed myself, Greg (hubby) and two other guys called Aidan and Jacques. I have a couple of photos of how Greg and me turned outand hopefully I’ll get some of Aidan and Jacques in the next few days. Jzcques turned up at the last minute so didn’t really have as much done to him as the rest of us, but I definitely think greg turned out rather Un-Dead indeed! :-) I’m not sure if I have a photo of Greg stomach which is a shame as that was the best bit. I made it look like his stomach was falling apart!

It was a lot of fun and people kept stopping us and taking our photos, hehe! There are now photos on Facebook of me eating Gregs intestines and trying to bite random people who mistakenly got too close ;-)

The photos are from the lovely Joel who was there at the Zombie Walk taking pics of all us beautiful undead. You can see his work on his website. (He doesn’t just do the Undead, incase you’re wondering!)

Photos for the RISE upcycling website

I thought I’d give you a little more information about the RISE movement since this will be my third post about it in as many weeks, haha! You can link through to the website here and check out the clothes (and my natural, youthful make-up on the two lovely models ;-) )

There’s a lot of really nice stuff to buy, so head on over and have a look (I really like “smoking” and “beaches”). You can check out more information about the collections and designers too! Here’s the blurb from their website:

“The Movement

Inspired by the eternal life-cycle of the Phoenix, RISE is a social enterprise committed to fueling mass market demand for used and upcycled clothing.

All RISE pieces are made from Ashes (donated clothing).

By creating high quality, designer outfits from these Ashes, RISE strives to redefine how the vast majority of society views buying second-hand. Basically what we’re doing is bringing sexy back to thrift.

RISE is not only dedicated to sustainability, but also to youth empowerment and the creative arts. 100% of RISE pieces are designed and created by local youth fashion designers. Through RISE, young designers have an opportunity to explore their creative skills in a professional environment, and to make money doing what they love.

Our logo – The Red Feather – allows those who wear RISE to proudly communicate their beliefs and association to the movement, in style.

Now after over a year of designing and creating our spirited collection, RISE is ready to launch.”

Photo Shoot for RISE

I got a phone call on Saturday from Jasmine, one of the models I worked on the the RISE fashion show. She had been asked to do a photo shoot for the RISE website but they didnt have a Make-up Artist so she called me. :-)

I had to be at work at 4pm, but I was to meet her to start her make-up (and hair) at 1pm so there was plenty of time. When I got there I had a second model too that Jasmine hadn’t know about! Luckily, I had enough time to do them both before I had to leave (I took my work uniform with me so that I could just go straight to work afterwards if need be). Everything was kept very clean and fresh with simple, youthful hairstyles. I came to the rescue with some pins when one of the models was too thin for one of the dresses, haha, and left them some bits and pieces such as lipstick in case they needed to touch up after I’d gone. I can’t image they needed to, but it’s better to be safe than sorry :-)

I would have prefered to be there for the whole shoot, but it was a last minute thing and needs must!

Looking forward to seeing the end results!