Book Review:Makeup is Art

Hurray for husbands! Mine bought me a fantastic Christmas present in the form of “Makeup is Art”, a book designed to help teach professional makeup techniques and show you how to be creative and original! It’s written by a host of people and the Creative Directors are Jana Ririnui and Lan Nguyen from AOFM (Academy of Freelance Makeup).

I haven’t read the whole thing yet, only flicked through a couple of times, so I guess this isn’t really a true review, but I had to let you all know about it as it looks incredible! It starts off the same as any other makeup artistry book, telling us how important skincare is and moving onto primers etc. but then the images turn into Art! You get beautiful clean beauty shots, taken through recent eras and trends and then comes the really fun stuff. There’s glitter, colours galore, and some great body art (you should see all the bling!!;-) ).

At the back of the book is a Q & A section with questions such as “How does a new Makeup Artist get an agent?”, “What is the best way to build my kit?” and “How does a new Makeup Artist build up their portfolio?”. There’s a few pages that are dedicated to brushes and exactly what each one is typically used for (useful when you have a set of 23 and haven’t used some because you’re not totally sure what the hell they are for, haha!).

I honestly could go on for ages, but I’ll stop myself here. The front cover gives you an idea of what you’re getting!

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