Weddings (my personal obsession!)

I love the favours, the dresses, the decorations, the atmosphere, everything. A part of me wanting to become a make-up artist is definately about being able to do bridal make-up and joining people on their happy day (even if it is only for an hour or so!). I love all things party-esk. Anything where you need to make an effort. I just think it’s fun (part of the reason I also want to get into face painting ;-) )!

Ever since I got married in 2007 my obsession with all things weddingy has got to a rediculous state, so much so that my husband tries to shield my eyes as we walk past wedding stores as I have a habit of starring at all the pretty, pretty dresses  long enough for it to become irritating!

So, in honour of this obsession I thought I’d amass a few links to some wedding and party sites for you to peruse or ignore at your leisure. :-)

So, we have

Weddings Direct – A great site with links to wedding businesses all over the UK including car hire, gifts and photography. This site brings everything to one site so that you don’t need to constantly keep going back to search engines .

cheap-wedding-success – A web-site dedicated to helping you get the best value when buying for your wedding and the opportunity to buy a popular ebook with loads of advice.
“Avoid questions that get a one word answer

When you want to expand the offering for the same price, you need be careful how you request it. It’s important to avoid questions that allow the supplier to give you a one word answer, especially if that one word might be “no”.” Click here to view more details – Filled with lovely ideas for all occassions including lots of themes for wedding favours and even christmas gifts! (I’m buying some of my christmas gifts from here!) – With many things to choose from such as wedding table trivia, multi-tier cake stands, bubbles and wedding advice books this is a really useful site and since it’s amazon you can find some really good deals! Here you can buy pre-filled party/gift bags for children from toddler to teenager. There are bags from just £1.50 including contents and I love this idea (my sister did a similar thing at her wedding) as it keeps the younger children entertained and makes the teenagers feel special with their very own gift. Great for kids birthday party bags too!

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