Teenage Makeover

I was asked to do the make-up for my niece and two of her friends for a small photo shoot. Although I have plenty of make-up theory knowledge,have done a 1-day make-up course, and have some practice under my belt I was a still bit dubious as the course didn’t cover make-up for different ages and I didn’t want to use too much make-up on them but I did need to smooth out their skin. Also, as we’re not settled at the moment (we’re doing some travelling) I have a very limited make-up kit (which I’m attempting to build up slowly but surely!).

One of the girls had never worn make-up before so was apprehensive, the other two wear make-up all the time. Two of the girls were nervous about having their photos taken and the other had no problems ( she’s a dancer and is used to the fuss), so we had a bit of a mixture of girls. I opted for nice pinks and peaches and a little lip gloss, and mascara on two of them, to give shape and definition.

All in all, to start with, it was a bit like pulling teeth trying to keep the nervous girls smiling and stretching my kit to match each girls skin tones and creat three different looks that weren’t “better” than each other, but in no time all three were laughing and posing and much more relaxed thanks to silly games and everyone shouting Blargh! before most photos. As a reward for their great behaviour I let them do my make-up and as it was halloween they went a little crazy…

During the post-prosessing there was still some work to even out their skin, so I’m thinking about using heavier products for future photography sessions and simply making sure they know that they should wash it off particulaly well!

If there’s any make-up artists out there that do photographic make-up I’d love any advice. Which brands do you use? I have some Max Factor foundations which I think seem quite thin and some Leichner foundations that seem quite heavy. Thankyou for any tips you can share!

005_SimonnesBirthdayShoot_20091030_IMG_6248-Edit_Web640001_SimonnesBirthdayShoot_20091030_IMG_6214-Edit_Web640Photos by Greg Steer Photography

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