The Safe Beauty Association (SBA)

As I work towards becoming a professional make-up artist there are definately lots of concerns that pop up, for example keeping to the best possible levels of hygeine (which at the moment means keeping clean and washing my limited number of brushes very, very well), and I’m certainly not the only one who thinks of these things as the  “Hidden Truth. Safe Beauty” Campaign from the “Safe Beauty Association” proves.

PMUS Single Use Love me, then dump me X stacked logo masterThe “Safe Beauty Association“is the brain child of Antonia Hawke a “successful, international marketeer, entrepreneur and businesswoman with over 20 years’ experience in management, marketing and advertising for luxury brands and services”. Antonia trained as a professional make-up artist at the respected Jemma Kidd Make Up School in London. “Upon graduating, Antonia made the leap from student to practitioner to experience the trade – behind the scenes. It was this glimpse into the industry that was to inspire the formation of the Safe Beauty Association and its ‘Hidden Truth. Safe Beauty’ Campaign with hygiene at its core.”

“With a strong focus on the makeup artist, Antonia is raising awareness and educating those blissfully unaware or worryingly unconcerned by the risks to clients, models and career, posed by their unhygienic practice and lack of public liability insurance. Having seen the reality of what goes on within the industry, Antonia has found the solutions. ”

This launch of disposable products at “addresses the need for a reliable supply of hygienic professional-quality, single-use and disposable brushes, applicators and essential hygiene-related tools for the trade. The correct application of makeup through single-use and disposable brushes and applicators together with a high level of personal hygiene, helps prevent cross-contamination and infection, which are a result of bad working habits. Such bad habits, like double-dipping causes the spread of bacteria and viruses – a genuine and serious health threat.” Magic disposable mascara wandsThere’s a large selection of tools such as brushes, mixing palettes and makeup bags, and for the environmentally savvy amongst us there is a small selection of tools using bamboo from sustainable sources. The prices certainly aren’t high and there’s a couple of great kits including the “individual makeover kit” which includes 2 x Voluptuous Veronica disposable mascara wands, 2 x Particular Polly disposable mascara wands, 1 x Double Trouble Trudie dual foam eye shadow applicator/blender, 1 x Shady Sheena dual natural haired and foam eye shadow brush/blender, 1 x Angled Angelina synthetic brush for either concealer or for eyeliner, 2 x Precision Penny short tipped eyeliner applicator, 1 x Pouting Poppy deluxe lip colour brush, 1 x Glossy Gloria deluxe lip gloss applicator, 1 x Blushing Belinda natural haired blush brush, 1 x Highligh Holly natural haired contour and highlight brush and 2 x black plastic spatulas for just £3.99.

A good cause at great prices!

Antonia is now working towards an industry-wide, recognised, accreditation programme and collaborative Code of Practice to raise standards within the make-up industry. Best of luck to her and everyone involved!!

THEPROMAKEUPSHOP.COM eye applicatorsEven if you’re not one for disposables, you should try professional grade disposables before ruling them out and be conscious of your make-up hygiene habits whether you’re a professional working on others or doing your own make-up, as everyone’s health is important, including yours! :-)

*All excerpts and images are from press papers which were kindly sent to me at my request.

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