Travelling With Make-up

Greg and I are currently travelling in the Czech Republic. We’ve been here since just before Christmas so this post is a bit belated (sorry). As I said, we’re doing the travel thing staying in cheap hotels and random hostels and have limited luggage, therefore, limited space for non-essentials. So, guess what had to be left at home…yep, my make-up! Well, I did get to fit a small bag with a few items into the backpack so I can’t complain too much. Besides, it’s meant I’ve had to be a bit more inventive when trying to create any specific looks, so there is an upside ;-)

Our first night in Prague I decided that after 27 hours of buses and coaches I wanted a nice hot shower (it reached warm!) and to doll myself up a bit so that I no longer looked like I hadn’t slept for 2 days. I didn’t do anything fancy as we were just going to the hotel bar for pizza, but I had a bit of fun with what I had, just to help me feel human again after our long travels.

So basically I:

SAM_0042Used CoverGirl primer and foundation, mostly around my t-zone and blended out.

Collection 2000 brightener blended into my inner eye, under my eyes and down the sides of my nose.

For my cheeks I used my Colourworks cheek brightener (it was a gift,not great quality but I really like its effect). I put it onto the apples of my cheels and then worked it up my cheekbones. It has a lovely soft pink colour with just a hint of sparkle.

I dabbed a bit of a No17 lip gloss onto my lips but it was far too pale for me (I should have brought a different one really), so I blotted my lips with a tissue until I was left with just a very subtle shimmer.

I brought 2 Collection 2000 Trios with me, one in purple and one in blue. This night I used the purple trio. It has a white which I put all over my lid up to the brow, and then simply swept the light purple over my lid close to my lashes sweeping it out and up towards the end of my eyebrow for a bit of shape (and for the fun of it).

SAM_0144This was done with my tiny little set of travel brushes made up from an ELF travel set and a Body Shop travel set. I’ll let you know how well they hold up at the end of this leg of our travels (in a week or two).

I kept it really simple and subtle, but fun enough to make me feel much better :-)

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