One-Day Make-up Course

SAM_0031In my quest to become a fabulous Make-up Artist I have created a list of things to do and courses to attend. The first on my list was a one-day course based in Glasgow. I attended it in September and have mixed feelings.

I was the only student there, which seemed good, and my sister came with me as my model so I wasn’t nervous about poking the model in the eye with the mascara as I knew she would have to forgive me as I’m her sister!! But it seemed a little too basic. Maybe I know more than I think I do, or maybe I was expecting too much from a day course, I don’t know. The tutor was lovely I did feel better about blending eyeshadows and applying mascara, and I got to try products I can’t afford to buy myself, so it was worth it on those accounts (and I got a certificate, Yay Me! :-) ) .

On a whole I think it was a good experience as it made me feel a bit better about doing the make-up for my sisters wedding, but the next courses on my list are longer ones that sound more in-depth or ones that have case studies to do before you pass.

Have you been on a 1-day make-up course, how did it go?

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