E.L.F and The Body Shop Travel Brushes

A few weeks ago I promised to let you know how my little travel brushes held up through the Czech Republic, and to be honest they did well!

I managed to create any looks I wanted as both sets have a good mix of brushes.

SAM_0024I’ve had The Body Shop travel kit for about a year now and I’m really impressed by them. The quality is good and I use them when I’m at home, not just when travelling. The kit itself is a small flat wallet and fits into my handbag easily which is very convenient for touch ups on the move or on a night out. There’s a small mirror in the wallet which isn’t for doing your whole face in but is good for putting on your lippy.


SAM_0022The E.L.F set is a more recent purchase. The quality isn’t perfect as the head of the lash comb fell off the first time I used it, but they are decent enough to take on your travels and the kit certainly didn’t break the bank ( £5 ! ). I feel happy about buying them for personal use (especially as funds are tight at the moment ;-)). I love the eyeshadow brush and tend to use the lip brush to apply eyeliner :-) I’m interested to see what the cosmetics are like as they are turning up more and more in magazines and articles. Not for professional use but I’ll certainly keep using mine for personal use ( I also bought a Kabuki brush from them for £5 which I like!)


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