Book Review: Juliet Cohen, Vogue Make-up

Being approximately five and a half inches square this doesn’t look like much. However, there’s rather a lot of information in this little book :-)

It starts off with a general run down of the history of make-up starting with the Egyptians and the legendary Cleopatra, through the arsenic based face powders of the Elizabethans, the escapism of the 1940′s and glamour of the 1950′s, into thoughts about where cosmetics will lead to in the future.After this, it goes into different areas of skincare and tools of the trade then into chapters dedicated to Foundation, Lips, Eyes and Cheeks.

This book is full of advice and tips from big names in cosmetics and make-up artistry such as Bobbi Brown, Kevyn Aucoin and Ruby Hammer (of Ruby and Millie Cosmetics!). You can learn about your face shape and skin type, which tools are basic necessities and which products have multiple uses eg “Improvise. Lipstick will double up as eyeshadow and a natural lip liner as an eyeliner”.

The context of Vogue Make-up is mostly on providing you with information and tips so that you are better prepared to go out and buy the right type of skin care products for your needs and colours for your complexion, saving you from making expensive mistakes and buying the wrong products. There’s emphasis on being who you are and working with what you have, but also tips on creating the illusion of a smaller nose or poutier lips.

This is a good afternoons read and definately warrents a place on the bookshelf so that you can go back to it time and again for the tips and advice. It’s a good book for anyone who has no understanding of cosmetics or a basic understanding and who wants to learn why certains things work for you and others don’t.

I enjoyed it!

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