Book Review: How Not To Look Old, by Charla Krupp

I found a nice post about this book at written by a women in her 50′s (the age group this book is aimed at) and I thought it might be nice for you to read something written by someone from the targeted audience.

Being in my late twenties doesn’t stop me wondering about how I’ll fair as the years fly by. Will my skin stand the test of time? Is my lifestyle healthy enough to keep me glowing in old age? Who knows? All we can do is try our best, look after ourselves the best we can and listen to advice from those in the know!

This book was clearly written for all the mature women out there and is aimed at actually making changes to your wardrobe, cosmetics and the way you view yourself. It suggests that there is no better time than now to make yourself into the woman you always hoped you’d be – stylish, confident and fashion savvy- and knocking years off of your appearence.

For all intense purposes this a very blunt, straight to the point book and I don’t nessessarily have the same views on some topics, but a good read non the less for women in their 50′s and over who feel a change in style is on the cards.

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