Make-up Review: L’Oreal Matte Morphose

“Its feather-light soufflĂ© texture extends seamlessly across the skin for a transformation you can see and feel. Pores appear virtually erased, the appearance of fine lines are reduced and skin feels peachy-soft.”

I’d seen L’Oreal Matte Morphose in shops and tried it on my hand to see what the texture was like and I really liked the silky feel. My plan was to buy some once I had the funds, but fate intervened and I received a free sample in the April edition of Glamour magazine! Score!

I tried it the day after we arrived in Vancouver and was very pleased to see that the shade was right for my skin tone.

It really does seem to melt into silk on your skin. I have large pores and they definitely appear reduced and less noticeable with this foundation. It blends nice and easily so less chance of “tide marks” for those who have trouble blending properly.

Greg and I went out for the day to explore Downtown Vancouver and when we got back my face was a little shiny (probably from the up hill walk from the sky train!) but my pores were still less noticable than usual and my skin still looked and felt silky.

I’m definately impressed. Could this be on my list of “things to buy with my first Canadian pay check” ? I reckon so!

Get your free sample with L’Oreal

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