Skincare Review: Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Scrub

“Energizing microbeads gently exfoliate skin while sweeping away dead skin cells. Light gel formula lathers into bubbly foam removing surface dirt, oil and make-up. Feel the surge of invigoration as the cooling gel cleans down to pores leaving skin feeling fresh, clean and energized.”

Another free sample from Glamour magazine!

There are plenty of scrubs with “micro beads” and to be honest this isn’t my favourite. I don’t like to be negative about skincare because the fact is different peoples skin reacts well/badly to different products, and the luck of the draw is that my skin doesn’t react well to this one!

There was enough in the free sample for two washes and both times my skin felt stretched (as with harsh soaps) and the fumes actually stung my eyes for a few seconds (which I definately wasn’t expecting!). Aside from the stretched feeling my skin did feel softer and it did feel as though it had received a really good clean! I’m tempted to say that with prolonged use my skin would benefit from this scrub, but my stinging eyes won’t let me.

I think that if your skin isn’t as sensitive as mine then this is probably a good product to try, especially if your skin tends to be on the oily side. If you buy magazines then you could always pop out and buy Glamour for the free sample (and articles! :-)) and try it yourself. Let me know how you find it :-)

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