Well a nail bar may not be the best workplace for a budding make-up artist, but it does have its perks!

I met a lovely lady the other day. Her brother brought her into the nail bar as a treat for her birthday and we ended up talking for quite a while about loads of things, including my future goals. It turns out that she works in TV in Vancouver and knows a few of the make-up artists. She has contact details for a local independant make-up sales woman and has ideas on how I can extent my list of contacts within various areas of the cosmetics world. She gave me her number told her to ring her in a few weeks (she’s heading to England for a holiday).

It feels good to be looking at the world from a make-up point of view again. These last two months have been a bit stressful looking for work in any and all areas, and its nice to have some focus again. I’ve made my first “contact” here in Vancouver and I’ve found a couple of short intense courses that I hope to be able to attend (my visa allows me to attend courses that are six months or shorter!).

Here’s to the future :-)

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