Book Review: The Complete Makeup and Beauty Book

Written by Leigh Tiselli, published 2007

At first I thought this book looked a little out dated, but then I changed my mind! It’s well set out and easy to follow, written in plain English with odd words and statements explained, and full of useful information and imitatable looks.
This book starts off where all good beauty books start…skin care! The basics are introduced and explained, from drinking plenty of water to using sun screen, and then onto serums and exfoliators. There’s a section which explains the main causes of certain skin problems and what type of skin you may have.

Then it heads to How We Age, Age Prevention and a generalisation of what to expect as you age. Make-up tools are explained along with techniques and tips on using your tools and why it’s important to keep your brushes and other tools clean.

Items such as Foundation, Concealer and Eyeshadows are each given their own sections where once again techniques and tips are given including a 7 stage process to the perfect base.

Once the tools have been covered, each area of the face then has a section dedicated to it. The Eyes section has 10 worded pages alone (that’s not including the pages with photos!)!

The back of the book has the Looks section where you are shown some different types of looks including Basic, Smokey Eye, Mature and Shimmer Eyes. Each look is either timeless or easily adaptable to current trends. They are easy to understand and copy so it’s a nice little section.

All in all, a good read!

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