Finally, my time off corresponds with the Mika Basic Course dates and I have a spot being held for the course that starts Wednesday 15th September, running in the evening for three weeks.

I have a feeling that this basic course will mainly focus on personal make-up, but it’s a good first step into more courses such as the Mika Intermediate and Advanced courses and then (once I have some savings) other longer, more indepth training.

I sat down the other day and worked out a simple three year plan which basically consists of training part-time on local courses (courses depend on whether we are in Canada or UK), gradually gaining experience doing TFCD jobs, building a porfolio of professional work and then becoming self-employed in one way or another. I know that it wont be easy or quick and I dare say I’ll have to foray into the life of a cosmetics sales rep in my spare time ( Avon or VirginV maybe?) to continue progressing and gaining experience and I’m okay with that. I’ve attended plenty of cosmetics parties in my time and know how they work and it will probably be hard work but fun :-) I’ll let you know how the course goes!

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