Second Lesson at Mika’s

So this lesson was different from last week as there were two other people in the class with me and one more teacher. We were shown how to do two differing smokey eyes, one for almond shaped eyes and the other for round  eyes (like mine) :-)

As with last week they showed us how to do the look on one eye, working the products and blending properly, then we copied the look on the other eye using the same techniques and tools. I have to say I think I did a bang up job ;-) I would have taken photos to put up on here but I lost my camera last Christmas in the Czech Republic :-( I’ll get a new one soon and hopefully I’ll start doing make-up worthy of photography ;-)

It’s really good being able to use all the different tools and getting advice about which shaped brush works best for what. Yes I can (and have) read these things in books but I find it’s nicer to have someone stood there who knows more than you do so you can ask questions!

2 thoughts on “Second Lesson at Mika’s”

  1. I started out learning at short courses and eventually became self-employed. Good luck with the rest of your course!

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