Bright Colours and Your Skin Tone

I’ve never really been one for bright colours. Growing up it was black and purples, early twenties it was browns, but now I’m trying far more colours of varying intensities. I guess it might be because I’m in a city and feel far less likely to be noticed for wearing bright blue/yellow eyeshadow but whatever the reason I’m definitely coming out of my colour-shell ;-) I found a blog post by a woman with pale skin who seems to love bright colours so if you’re pale like me and unsure how to go about being that little bit braver with your colour choices then check this out.

I also came across an article reassuring women with brown skin that they are okay to wear bright colours in their make-up ( check it out at  Socialite Dreams ). It’s a nice article and gives exmples of how to wear blue eyeshadows/liners for best effect (there are more articles about colours too) but the reason it stood out for me was that I was a little suprised that women with brown skin would feel that they couldn’t wear bright blue. I’ve always thought bright colours really pop and look absolutely stunning on dark skin and have always been jealous that I am so pale and look washed out if I get it even slightly wrong. The article has photos of Rihanna and Beyonce sporting bright blue shadow and it just looks lovely!

Whatever your skin colour I think the main thing is to go with what you like! If you’re new to make-up or trying something different maybe start off small, with a quick wash of colour over the lid stopping at the crease. Then if you like it and feel comfortable pushing forward why not try one colour on the lid and another colour to line the eye. Then just keep trying new, brighter colours. Ask friends and family for their opinion’s but always remember, it’s your face and you don’t have to wear anything you’re not comfortable with!

Whatever you try, have fun with it! I know I will ;-)

One thought on “Bright Colours and Your Skin Tone”

  1. great piece, thanks for the blog love :) I’m glad that you enjoyed the article.

    I agree, people need to stop putting themselves or allowing others to put them in a box and just try to wear what colors they want! even if done in a small way like as a liner or mascara, there are definitely ways to incorporate pretty colors into a makeup regimen!


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