Intermediate Lesson at Mika’s #2

Yesterday was fun!

We talked a little more about colour theory and tried out two different smokey eyes incorporating colour theory into our choice of eye-shadows. Doing both looks on one person meant that we could see how much of a difference the style of eyeshadow can make to the shape of someones eyes/face. With one style my eye looked as though it drooped down at the outer corner but with the other it looked as though my eye had been lifted and ope while we’re opened it up!

We get to talk about lots of practical things while we’re working on each other such as “which brushes are must have’s?”, “Do you do foundation or eyeshadow first?”, “Whats the best advice you can give someone who is just starting out?”, they must want to tear their hair out by the end of the lessons ;-)

One piece of advice they gave which I will start on now is to start collecting tear-sheets of looks that I like and want to try out. This basically means tearing images out of magazines and creating a folder of them so that I can look through them for inspiration. They also come in handy when you start getting clients as they can look through them to see what kind of look they would like you to do for them.

Of course the next big thing is to create a portfolio of your own work.! :-)

Something else that happened at the lesson was Elizabeth invited me to be her assistant on a TV pilot she is working on through November :-) I’m guessing it will be early mornings and long days but how cool is that! It’s voluntary of course but it will be fantastic experience as I’ll get to really see how the professionals do it! It also times out perfectly as it starts after my family go back to England (my mam, sister and niece are coming to visit soon, Yay!), and Greg will be in the middle of some intense revision for some certificates he’s taking in Early December. Perfect! I’d like to take this opportunity to officially thank Elizabeth… Thankyou :-)

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