Make-up Resume and Portfolio

Kirsty Lowrey Steer

Make-up Artist based in Vancouver.7

Skills and Abilities

- Trained and mentored by talented and experienced Make-up Artists

- Creative imagination with strong visualization skills

- Knowledge of professional products and techniques

- Ability to prioritize and multi-task within fast-paced environments

- Constantly striving to improve and progress

- Excellent interpersonal skills and ability to communicate with people of all backgrounds

- Ability to work independently and within a team environment

- Ability to work long days and keep smiling!

Experience and Training

Key Make-up Artist, Satin Liliie Creations (lingerie shoot), Surrey/Vancouver – Canada

- Collaborated with lingerie designer to gain insight as to her desired style of shoot

- Created individual make-up looks for five models

- First Assistant looked to me for guidance and support while performing make-up applications to a wonderful standard

- Both myself and my First Assist. maintained high levels of hygeine at all times throughout the day

Make-up Artist, Anna Krasnova Photography (Engagement Shoot), Vancouver – Canada

- Created a classic, romantic look for the bride-to-be taking her personal style and preferences into consideration.

- Touched-up and adjusted make-up throughout the shoot

Make-up Artist, Tiagraphy with Tia Hoshizaki (“Yukata Shoot”), Lynn Canyon – Canada

- Designed two creative make-up looks for two outfits

- Travelled to location for touch-ups and make-up change

- Maintained high standards of hygiene at all times

Make-up Artist, Anna Krasnova Photography (“Gothica” shoot), Vancouver -  Canada

- Designed several looks inspired by the photographers love of the Gothic look (both modern and historical) and graphic novels

- Created multiple hair styles for the model on set

Make-up Artist, Ziggy Films production (artistic short film), Vancouver – Canada

- Designed and created looks and effects for various mythical creatures including broken bones and woodland fairy

Key Make-up Artist, “Anagnorisis” (feature film), Vancouver – Canada, Post-poned

- Designed make-up looks for five (5) characters in various social and professional situations

- Assisted actors with their hair

- Responsible for the continuity of each actors make-up throughout filming

- Maintained high levels of hygiene and cleanliness at all times

Make-up Artist, Private wedding

- Created  green smoky eye look on four bridesmaids and sophisticated looks for the mother of the bride and mother of the groom

- Maintained high levels of hygiene and friendly demeanor  within a limited time and space

Make-up Assistant, Fraser Health Patient DVD, Vancouver – Canada

- Created hair and make-up looks for female presenter and three actors, each of varying skin tones and features

- Performed “touch-ups” for presenter to avoid excess shine

- Maintained high levels of hygiene and cleanliness at all times with repeated cleaning and disinfecting of hands and tools

Hair and Make-up Artist, First Star promotional commercial, Vancouver – Canada

- Prepared two hair and make-up looks (one pale and tired the other rosy and youthful) for young actress

- Responsible for “touch ups” and continuity of hair and make-up throughout shoot

- Maintained high levels of hygiene and cleanliness at all times

Stand-in Make-up Artist, The Mix (T.V. show), Vancouver – Canada

- Stand in for professional Make-up Artist Karin Shoji, providing make-up for Greg Coyes the presenter of local TV show “The Mix”.

- Followed Karin’s instructions for the use of her products and techniques for continuity.

- Maintained high levels of hygiene at all times

First Make-up Assistant, “Residenz” (web series), Vancouver – Canada

- Created colourful, vivid looks for two of the female actors and was responsible for reproducing those looks on each shoot day

- Created face charts for designed looks

- Repeatedly created subtle “exhausted” looks for each male actor

- Responsible for the continuity of the characters make-up throughout shooting

- Learned on-set etiquette and useful, professional make-up tricks and techniques

- Used a variety of make-up brands and products to create each characters look

- Maintained high levels of hygiene at all times

- Used Airbrushing for highlighting and tattoos

Mika’s Make-up Advanced Course, Vancouver – Canada

Course taught by two professional working Make-up Artists.

- Researched and created “Avant-Garde” looks

- Created  “Fantasy” Vampire look using body make-up and fake blood

- Learned how to created simple scrapes and bruises on a budget

Mika’s Make-up Intermediate Course, Vancouver – Canada

Course targeting TV/Film, Special Occasion, Theatre and Print make-up.

- Researched and recreated “Period” make-up looks

- Practiced variations on the “classic smoky eye” and incorporated colour theory

- Utilised various tools, products and brands to create different textures

Mika’s Make-up Basic Course, Vancouver – Canada

Course tailored to learning how to apply make-up to clients.

- Researched “colour theory”

- Learned how to prepare the skin and create the perfect base

- Used techniques to create the classic “smoky eye” look

- Learned and worked with good hygiene practices

Hands On Beauty And Holistic Therapy , Glasgow – Scotland

An intense basic make-up course to learn bridal/special occasion make-up.

- Practiced a simple, clean make-up look on model

- Worked through the basics of make-up application and good hygiene practices

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