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Where to Save on Make-up Brushes

Okay, so the general idea for professional make-up kits is to buy the best quality you can find and afford, but the same doesn’t nessessarily apply to make-up brushes. There are times when you don’t need to pay 25 quid for a single brush!

After asking around, in forums and pestering working MUA’s that I meet, I’ve found that you don’t have to spend a fortune on every brush in your kit which is a great relief seeing as most MUA’s buy a LOT of brushes! It seems that there are some you can save on and some you should splurdge on. For example, the word is that we are better off buying decent foundation brushes as we will get better results, but we can save on lip brushes as they all work pretty much the same way (1.50 pound brushes at here I come ;-) ). Kabuki brushes are best to splurge on, but you can find some really affordable eye shadow brushes in all shapes and sizes. Personally, I’d advise buying a decent crease brush but other than that brushes from the likes of CrownBrush, Avon and even my E.L.F travel kit are standing the test of time for me.

If you want to work in Special Effects Make-up then your brushes will probably get ruined quickly from the various glues, bloods and pastes that you will use, so don’t worry too much about buying from MAC or the likes. You can even find paint brushes that are affordable and good enough quality to use!

I just wanted to put this little post together because I know how daunting it can be to look around at all the brands and prices of brushes, trying to figure out which ones are “the best”. I’m lucky enough to have people in my life who have already been through all this and so I want to let others know that there is room for savings. Starting out in Make-up Artistry can be expensive enough without having to buy a load of expensive brushes when you don’t need to.

Shop around! Do your research before commiting to anything! :-)

Professional Kit Advice

I spend so much of my time researching life as a make-up artist that I thought it might be helpful to pass on some of the web-sites I’ve found that I think are useful for people like me who are working their way into the world of the Make-up Artist.

These links are for people who are wondering what they need in a professional make-up kit, items it’s worth splurging on and products where it’s okay to save a little money. Some of the links go to basic lists of general items that a MUA must have (cotton swabs, brush cleaner,etc), others actually give examples of the brands that professionals use in their kits (RCMA, Barry M, MAC, etc) and a couple go to videos on YouTube that I think are informative.

I chose to tell you about these links because the articles/videos are done actual Make-up Artists and so the comments, advice, etc comes from actual expertise!

What should a basic Make-up Effects Kit contain? Some info for those thinking of getting into the Effects side of make-up.

Makeup by RenRen. This post is a few years old but still relevant! A real-life look at how a budding MUA built up her kit.

In My Kit, an honest guide to what the professionals really use. This is great! It has loads of product advice ranging from budget brands to the not so budget.

A video on YouTube by a Pro MUA kindly showing us what their kit looks like.

A 4 part blog series about what goes into a professional kit, and examples of what is in the MUA’s

How to put a Makeup Kit Together, includes photos of the MUA’s own kit.

Hope these are helpful. At least I may have saved some of you a little bit of online trawling ;-)

Autumn 2010 Trends

I guess I’m a little late with this one but there’s still plenty of Autumn left for you to try this seasons looks :-) Whether you love the dramatic or the understated there’s something for you this season…

Matte Faces: There are some great matte foundations out there so this is a fairly easy one to follow. Make sure you prep your skin well before applying anything and setting the foundation with a translucent powder is a good way to help avoid shine. If you have really oily skin why not carry  some blotting papers in your handbag!? (Matte faces as seen at the shows of Mario Schwab and Isaac Mizrahi.)

Purple Eye Shadow: Strong and smokey or a soft wash across the lid, you can’t go wrong with a dash of purple this autumn! Go for a strong purple smokey eye with a nod to grunge, or try a simple wash of lilac over the lid to the crease and a darker shade of liner along top and bottom lash lines. For both looks keep the face neutral with rosy cheeks to be “on-trend”!

Natural Beauty: For this look it’s all about great skin with a little contouring but no definitive lines. Keep colours Toffee-ish and Nude with perhaps a little shimmer around the eyes and a natural mouth. The look was a little androgynous on the catwalks with darker brows and no mascara, but kept feminine with the soft contouring. (Check out the shows of Mark Jacobs or Mario Schwab.)

Red Lips: This is always a classic and is never far away in one form or another. This season we’re seeing softer shaped lips with a natural face. Any red will work (so chose your favourite!) as long as it’s the focus of the face. A nice tip if you go really dark is to pat a little light red in the centre of the lips to keep them from looking flat :-)

Using Social Networking Sites To Promote Your Small Business

I read an article by about how a lot of small local businesses don’t use the internet and social media to their full advantage and it made me think about how I will promote my business in the future.

I don’t have a business (yet) and I’m not self-employed (yet) but Rouge Make-up Artistry does already have an online presence and I feel that I am working towards the future. I have created pages on Facebook, MySpace, Bebo and Zimbio and although they are currently very basic they at least mean that RougeMUA is out there!

I’ve created a business plan (which constantly changes as I do more research and new ideas come to mind) and my hope is that when I do become a Freelance Make-up Artist I will already be out there with an online history spanning a year or two, maybe even three or four, and people will feel reassured that I haven’t just popped up out of obscurity. comments on how smaller businesses tend to want to see results immediately, and like most types of advertising I think you need to give social networking sites time and definately plan ahead. My sights are on the future, but I don’t see a reason why I should wait to promote myself or get my name and that of Rouge Make-up Artistry out into the main stream. For me, sites like Facebook and MySpace give people with small businesses (or even just ideas) a way to reach a wider audience and more potential clients no matter what the type of business or how small it currently is.

If you have or plan to start a small business or are planning on becoming self-employed, perhaps as a cosmetics representative, a beautician or a make-up artist, then I would most definately suggest making the most of the internet and all it has to offer. You never know how far it could take you! ;-)

The Big Bag Clearout

I read a post at newmummystips about a rather successful bedroom clearout, and at knittingjourney about general house purging, and it encouraged me to do the same with my bulging make-up bag!

Last September I won a small make-up competition where they wanted you to create a “Natural First Date Look”, explaining what you had done and why. The prize was a set amount of money towards an order at an online make-up store, so I splurged, adding to my already full bag! Of course what this meant was that my bag was overflowing with products, which is great for practicing, but not so great for travelling. I took the bare minimum to the Czech Republic over Christmas but I kept everything else in a bag which I quickly retrieved once home ;-) This time however, Greg and I are moving to Canada for a year (our work visas came through, Yay! :-) ) and we want to travel light. So, I took a leaf out of the NewMummy’s book and started searching through all of my make-up to find the products that I “need“.

It didn’t actually take as long as I thought it would, and in truth is something that we all need to do once in a while to get rid of the 2 year old mascara, the eye liner that never gets used and that black lipstick bought for Halloween!

It’s good to get down to basics now and then! Besides, it’s also a great excuse to buy a new (and better) mascara, a fabulous eyeshadow to replace that old eye liner and a lip stick that you will wear for more than one day! ;-)