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Make-up Review: Leichner Camera Ready Tinted Foundation

SAM_0023Leichner is world renowned, primarily used in theatres, TV and photography. It can give a great base for cosmetics.

The scent of this foundation put me off a little at first as my skin doesn’t deal well with perfumed products, but I wore it all day and it didn’t seem to have any harmful effects, plus the smell diminished.

You don’t need a lot to create a good smooth finish. My plan with this foundation is to mainly use it when I’m doing make-up for photography as this is it’s original purpose and I think it works well.

If you have dry skin then this may be a good product for you as it is moisturised and doesn’t go flaky like some foundations. The trick with this foundation is definately “less is more” for daily use as too much can be very noticable.

Make-up Review – BeautyUK, Eyeshadow Palette

SAM_0020I was pleasantly suprised by this little palette. It’s a handy size and contains 8 eyeshaows and an applicator.

I bought it when I wanted to have a “practice party” and didn’t have enough colours to do all the looks I wanted to try, so I ran into my local Superdrug and grabbed the first cheap collection I found. In all honesty, I wasn’t expecting too much from it thinking they would just break up and create colourful dust on everyones cheeks (as cheap eyeshadows have done with me before!) but they have really impressed me!

As well as for the practice sessions I’ve been doing, I used this BeautyUK palette for my sisters wedding (on her and 3 bridesmaids) and they lasted all day, from around 10am until we all went to bed around 12:30am. I was able to keep the younger bridesmaids looking fresh and subtle whilst adding a bit more depth to Katrina’s (my sister) and my own looks.

This is really affordable and has a nice selection of colours that compliment each other well. Looking forward to trying other BeautyUK products!

Make-up Review – Jane Iredale, Amazing Base

This loose powder has an SPF of 20 with UVA protection so great for any time of year. It can be used as a concealer, foundation and powder.

I was really sceptical about the coverage I would get from a loose powder, but this suprised me. I primed with JI’s Dream Tint first then blended the powder all over my face. I tend to be quite red across my forehead, cheeks and chin and this product reduced the redness and took away unwanted shine. I’ve heard of this product making people itch but so far I haven’t had that problem.

I’m interested to find out if this has worked for you as I’m a little unsure how well it would cover bad acne (the adverts show very bad acne being covered) as it does seem to be quite subtle, although It did reduce the redness of a large spot I had on my chin. If you have bad skin and have tried Jane Iredales Amazing Base I’d love to get your feedback!