Make-up Competitions

For the past year and a half I’ve been looking for online makeup competitions and forums to post on. At first I found one or two forums such as the makeupadvicefourm, and now I’ve found several (Yay)! The following are some competitions that I’ve found and that look like fun :-)

So I’ve found: is holding a contest at the moment, deadline October 31st 2010. The competition is to create a look inspired by a Myth or Legend. I have a few ideas ;-) is the first official online makeup contest site. I think they have competitions on each month and this month the makeup competition has three catagorys “Womens Fashion” “Pin-up Babe” and “Your Hero”, each with three different sections to put your creations into depending on whether you  are an “Amateur/Student” “Artist” “Master”. Each time you enter a competition it currently costs 30 Euros and this one has a deadline of October 27th. has a competition. For the Art Of Darkness collection, Alex Box created a cast of 13 characters for a dark faerie banquet… We want you to create a 14th guest for this feast. Let your imagination run wild, and tell us all about the character you have created, and the inspiration behind the look…” Deadline October 16th. Check out the web-site for more info :-)

These are just the ones I’ve managed to find, if anyone knows of any other sites that have regular/occassional makeup contests then I’d love to know about them :-)

Will you be entering any of the above? Go on, it’ll be fun :-) I went hunting on YouTube to find some inspiration and found some great looks to give everyone some ideas :-)

This one below is from Misschievous herself :-)

The Age of Technology!!

My job in a nail salon had me working with OPI nail polishes, who seem to be doing really well for themselves. Not only are they a world renowned brand but they also teamed up with Dell so that you can get a Dell laptop with your choice of OPI polish colour on the lid (I almost went for one but chose a flower pattern instead :-) ).

Well, now they’ve gone even further! You can now download a free app for your iphone that lets you see what each polish will look like on your nails.  What an age we live in! Who comes up with this stuff?! Bloody good marketing ploy though, as iphones are everywhere and no-one saysno” to a free app ;-) !

Check out for the full low-down and how you can try on “A good man-derin is hard to find” without opening a bottle, haha!