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Christmas make-up with Jackie Tyson

Check out this great christmas look from Avon and Jackie Tyson! It’s a cute, simple look  and you could do it with similar products, not just the ones used in the video, if you’re not a fan of Avon (although I don’t know why you wouldn’t be!).

Eye Make-up

Last Saturday after working on set I went round to Rose’s (works with Greg) to meet her and Niloo for a make-up practice session. Of course it turned into a girly night and we went out for dinner before practice ;-) They both have great faces and I showed them a load of tear sheets and face charts to choose a look from but in the end they left it up to me to choose. I didn’t want to go overboard with the looks as I feel I need to practice my Bridal/Daytime/Special Occassion skills as I tend to lean towards the fantasy-esq/Avent Garde/Ridiculously weird ;-) I have created some really fun looks which I want to try at some point but they can wait!

I concentrated on the eyes and here’s what I ended up with:


Niloo is on the left and Rose is on the right. I have edited and cropped pictures, focused on their eyes, on Picassa but can’t figure put how to get to those using the “add picture”  button on here (I’m usually good with computers but dont want to fiddle and lose the photos I have!). When I figure it all out I’ll upload some close ups.

For Niloo I went with purples and took it right up to her brow as I think she has great eyes for showing off make-up. I did use a photo from a magazine for reference but then just did my own thing after a while, haha. I Put a light purple all over the lid to the crease, then a darker purple through the crease and took out to create a slight “cats eye” effect, then highlighted the brow and the very inner corner of the eyes with a shimmery silver. I didn’t want to define the “cats eye” look too much as I was trying to stay with a bridal/special occasion style, but I did apply black liquid liner to the top and bottom lashes and kept going creating a “flick” past the outer corner. To turn this into a night time look I would add a dark purple to the crease and outer corner defining a “smokey eye” look.

For Rose I went with golds and browns as they look great with her skin tone and eye colour. I did a simple “smokey eye”, with gold all over the lid then a lgiht brown along the upper lash line. I took a darker brown and blended from the centre of the upper lash line into and just past the crease going up and out to create the smokey effect. I used a little of the silver shimmer at the inner corner of her eyes to brighten them up a bit. I added a couple of false lashed to the outer edges of Rose’s top lashes and then popped a couple of gems at the inner corners, just for a bit of fun ;-)

The products I used were a mix of hight street brands such as eye shadows from Claires Accessories and Collection 2000 ( suprisingly pigmented for the price), Maybelline Mascara, Quo individual lashes, Maybelline studio gel liner (really easy to work with), Garnier cleansing wipes, Sephora anti-bacterial brush cleanser (the ladies at Sephora very kindly gave me a couple of disposable mascara wands as I couldn’t find any Downtown, thanks ladies!), Micheals Craft Store gems (stuck on with lash glue) and my Crown Brush brush set :-)

What do you think? For my first real attempt at toned down Special Occassion make-up for others, I think I did okay :-)

Aha! I figured out how to get the edited photos onto here (with a little help from hubby :-) )



Thankyou to Niloo and Rose for being my models :-) X

Production work

Oh wow, I am so tired! Yesterday wasn’t too bad as we only had to be on set for 7:45, but today we had to be there for 6:45. I left around 3:30pm today and they were still going strong. Most for the crew are doing 14 hour days, which I don’t envy them for, and poor Elizabeth works on Saturday nights until 6am so she came straight to set with no sleep at all! I didn’t get much sleep either but that’s because I kept hearing noises and thinking someone was breaking into the apartment (they weren’t! I heard glass break but I think one of the neighbours was a little worse for wear as there was a bit of stomping around and banging of the front door too, ha ha). When we’re doing the makeup to start of with I don’t feel tired at all but once everyone is done and they just need the odd touch up that’s when I start to flag a little, but I stay alert enough to watch the actors at work embodying their characters and to see the production crew at work with lighting and camera positions, etc :-).

Apart from being tired I’m still loving working on this project. I feel so lucky to be able to experience it early on in my MUA training and career as I know it can be really tough to find projects to work or volunteer on, especially one as creative and fun as this one :-). The more scenes I watch on set the more excited I become about the end results. I’d love to share it with you all, and will as soon as we’re allowed!

More than Mascara, by Estee Lauder

“More Than Mascara Moisture Binding Formula”

Around two months ago I bought Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light foundation while they were having a Special Offer. With my purchase I got a free tote bag, Day Wear Plus Multi Protection Creme, Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick and More Than Mascara in Rich Black.

The last few times that I’ve worn this mascara my eyes have felt really uncomfortable so I’ve stopped wearing it, but up until then I really liked it! It adds colour but not much extra length or thickness so it’s a nice one for anyone who has blond lashes and wants their lashes to look natural instead of heavily made-up. It felt nice, never feeling like I had too much on and it never got clumpy!  The brush is nice as it’s not too big, but I think mascara brush preferences differ from person to person so I guess you’ll have to check it out to see if it’s your preferred size and shape. I think it did actually had a good effect on my lashes as I had noticed that they had thinned out some what and are now back in all their glory. Might be a coincidence, might be the moisturising effects of the formula. I guess we won’t know for sure.

All in all I like it as a “natural day time in the office  lashes” type of mascara althought the price puts it a little out of my reach at the moment ;-)

Practice Day

So I met Elizabeth on location the other day and we had a practice day with some of the actors!

Apparently getting to practice on the characters on a day before the filming starts is unusual so we’re really lucky on this one. I certainly feel lucky as I had a chance to get used to some of the products we are going to be using a lot and I got to use the airbrush a few times and feel far more confident. It was just the ladies as their make-up is more extreme then the men’s, and they were all lovely. So full of character and personality. I have to admit that I was expecting at least a couple of Diva’s but they were funny, patient (one of them was in the chair for around two hours and never complained once!) and friendly which definitely helped to settle my nerves.

Unfortunately it’s all a little secretive and I’m not allowed to tell you anything about what we’re actually doing( understandable really!), but I wanted it on record how good it feels to be working on a project and getting some real experience. According to Elizabeth and Karin I need to keep the Call Sheet with my name on it (not just as a souvenir!) as it’s proof that I’ve done actual work and it counts as one credit towards the 140(?) credits I would need to get into the union to work on productions. If I got that wrong at all  just let me know, my mind was trying to take everything in at once and I may not have heard the details properly ;-)

All in all a good start to my first ever project. Long may it continue! ;-)

Third and Final Day of Mika’s Make-up Advanced Lessons

This post is a little delayed considering it’s now Sunday and the course was on wednesday but hey, better late than never!

Karin and Elizabeth showed us how to do airbrush make-up :-) We airbrushed the foundation and blush and then made up the eyes the traditional way. I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on the airbrush at first try. I felt as though I didn’t have as much control over what was happening as I do when using brushes and other tools. I was finished with my model quicker than the other two ladies were so I got to try it a second time, putting the blush on first and the foundation on second (the first time I did foundation first and blush on top) and that went a lot smoother than my first attempt! I got to try MAC Face and Body Foundation which we thinned down a little so that it would go throught the airbrush properly and not clog it up as the formula is a little bit too thick, then I got to try the Face Atelier. I think I prefered the Face Atilier although I don’t have a clue why! I guess people just get the feel of some products a lot quicker than others.

The thing with the airbrush is it’s very subtle when you’re putting on the foundation and a bit too easy to do too many layers. Definately takes a few goes to get the knack of it. Kudos to all the Airbrush MUA’s out there :-)!

Sadly, that was my last lesson for now but I may go back in the future for some more intense training on particular things but for now the course has ended. On the very bright side I got to learn soooo much from both trainers! I’m also getting to help out on a real life production due to meeting Elizabeth which is just amazing! Thank you to Karin at Mika’s for putting together a great personalised course for us, and thankyou to Karin and Elizabeth for being such fantastic teachers! X

Professional Kit Advice

I spend so much of my time researching life as a make-up artist that I thought it might be helpful to pass on some of the web-sites I’ve found that I think are useful for people like me who are working their way into the world of the Make-up Artist.

These links are for people who are wondering what they need in a professional make-up kit, items it’s worth splurging on and products where it’s okay to save a little money. Some of the links go to basic lists of general items that a MUA must have (cotton swabs, brush cleaner,etc), others actually give examples of the brands that professionals use in their kits (RCMA, Barry M, MAC, etc) and a couple go to videos on YouTube that I think are informative.

I chose to tell you about these links because the articles/videos are done actual Make-up Artists and so the comments, advice, etc comes from actual expertise!

What should a basic Make-up Effects Kit contain? Some info for those thinking of getting into the Effects side of make-up.

Makeup by RenRen. This post is a few years old but still relevant! A real-life look at how a budding MUA built up her kit.

In My Kit, an honest guide to what the professionals really use. This is great! It has loads of product advice ranging from budget brands to the not so budget.

A video on YouTube by a Pro MUA kindly showing us what their kit looks like.

A 4 part blog series about what goes into a professional kit, and examples of what is in the MUA’s

How to put a Makeup Kit Together, includes photos of the MUA’s own kit.

Hope these are helpful. At least I may have saved some of you a little bit of online trawling ;-)

First Advanced Lesson at Mika’s

My family were in Vancouver for a week and so I took them with me to this lesson. My sister and niece were our willing guinea pigs ( a third student in our class brought her own model/friend) and my mam watch. We created vampire looks with really pale skin, dark eyes, etc.

Andrea worked on Simonne (my niece) and she did an amazing look! Simonne ended up with a flatter looking nose, Vulcan style eyebrows (for non-Trekkie’s, Vulcan’s eyebrows look like this ) but much longer, black lips and Little details that just looked great! Nice one Andrea! :-)

The new recruit (sorry, I don’t remember her name) did a lovely look on her friend which was both pretty and creepy at the same time. She used classic lines, hollow cheeks, lots of eye-shadow and dark lips.

I didn’t do as well as the others in my opinion. It’s wierd as fantasy-esq make-up is definately where I feel the most comfortable but I played it really safe for some reason. I think I was maybe a bit embarressed or scared of going over-board or something in front of everyone (especially professional MUA’s). I used dark eye-shadow and darkened Katrina’s (my sisters) blond eyebrows and did a red lip and hollow cheeks, but it wasn’t half as good as the others’. I was pleased with the scratch marks I drew on her neck and cheek though :-)( In our little character backstory Katrina had been bitten by Edward and was fighting with Jacob who scratched her, haha. My sister’s Twilight crazy!).

Karin and Elizabeth showed us how to create different types of blood for various types of wounds for if we want to do some special effects make-up so I had a little dried blood on her wounds and a little dripping blood running down her chin. That looked good! :-) Creepy, but good :-)

Anyway, here’s what I did. I like how realistic the scratches look:

kat vampire

Here’s Andreas work on Simonne:

simonne vampire

Second Entry for Mizz Worthy/Muse/Illamasqua

My second entry for this competition is Nadiah, a member of the elusive Naiads (Naiades) who are faeries/nymphs of bodies of fresh water and are one of the three main classes of water nymphs.  Nadiah was captured from Derwentwater and taken by a traveling circus master, kept in captivity for over a century and made to perform as “The Mermaid Girl” in every show and every town. The ring masters changed, acts came and went, but Nadiah remained captive and miserable. When performing once again in Keswick Nadiah made a daring escape, killing her ring master in the process, and made her way into Derwentwater. But Naiads only live as long as their body of water does. If that dries up the fairy dies with it. So now Nadiah plots and schemes in hopes of finding the fabled Elixer Of Life in order to live forever and take her revenge on any mortal who dares swim in her waters. Revenge for the captivity. Rrevenge for all the pointing and staring. Sweet revenge!





I pretty much used the same products as last time but included my Collection 2000 Trio of blue colours with some use from the Claire’s Accessories set. The mascara is from Avon and the gems are from the craft shop down the road :-)
What do you think? :-)