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Random Tips 1-9

Random Make-up and Skin care tips

Here’s a bunch of tips I’ve collected from books, the internet, friends and family that I thought might be helpful. I’ll add more as I find them. Perfect make-up is the outcome of trial and error, so don’t give up now.

If you try them and they don’t work for you please don’t shoot the messanger, but do let us all know your views and experiences, and If you have any useful tips let everyone know by commenting below.

  1. Face primers are great if you are oily skinned and you won’t have to reapply your makeup as often throughout the day if you use a primer first.
  2. A second coat of mascara can make your lashes look much thicker.
  3. You can use your normal shampoo to wash your make-up brushes to keep them clean  and help them last longer.
  4. Do not pump your mascara wand in the tube as this can quickly dry out your mascara.
  5. For longer lasting lip colour apply, blot, re-apply and blot again.
  6. Start with a littel foundation and to build it up to the coverage you want. It’s easier to add product than it is to take away.
  7. Don’t spray water or toner on makeup to set or freshen it up. It doesn’t work as the mist of water can streak foundation, powder, and mascara.
  8. Use cool cucumber slices to reduce puffiness around the eyes (and oldy but a goldy!).
  9. The larger the makeup brush the softer the effect.