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In or Out ?


The dark lip in brown and red colours (Look at the fashion shows by Gucci).
Lashes Thin and separate.
Navy blue nail polishes.
Fringes are back, straight and below the eyebrows.
Smokey eyes in black. Ever the Classic !


Pastel matt tones for the eyes.
Tousled eyebrows. Keep them neat!
Pearly lipsticks. Go for gloss.

X-Factor’s Stacey’s Make-up, created by Jackie Tyson

If any of you fancy re-creating the make-up you see on X-Factor contestant Stacey then here is your chance to copy her beautiful looks from week 7 and week 8. Both looks were created by Jackie Tyson, Chief Makeup Artist for the X-Factor, and are fantastic looks for any parties or nights out on the town you’ve got planned over the festive period, and beyond !

Check out Jackie’s website for more star studded looks, video tutorials and information about her Make-up School.

Click on the images below for a larger view.

Week 7

Stacey Week 7 by Jackie TysonWeek 8

Stacey Week 8 by Jackie Tyson

The Safe Beauty Association (SBA)

As I work towards becoming a professional make-up artist there are definately lots of concerns that pop up, for example keeping to the best possible levels of hygeine (which at the moment means keeping clean and washing my limited number of brushes very, very well), and I’m certainly not the only one who thinks of these things as the  “Hidden Truth. Safe Beauty” Campaign from the “Safe Beauty Association” proves.

PMUS Single Use Love me, then dump me X stacked logo masterThe “Safe Beauty Association“is the brain child of Antonia Hawke a “successful, international marketeer, entrepreneur and businesswoman with over 20 years’ experience in management, marketing and advertising for luxury brands and services”. Antonia trained as a professional make-up artist at the respected Jemma Kidd Make Up School in London. “Upon graduating, Antonia made the leap from student to practitioner to experience the trade – behind the scenes. It was this glimpse into the industry that was to inspire the formation of the Safe Beauty Association and its ‘Hidden Truth. Safe Beauty’ Campaign with hygiene at its core.”

“With a strong focus on the makeup artist, Antonia is raising awareness and educating those blissfully unaware or worryingly unconcerned by the risks to clients, models and career, posed by their unhygienic practice and lack of public liability insurance. Having seen the reality of what goes on within the industry, Antonia has found the solutions. ”

This launch of disposable products at “addresses the need for a reliable supply of hygienic professional-quality, single-use and disposable brushes, applicators and essential hygiene-related tools for the trade. The correct application of makeup through single-use and disposable brushes and applicators together with a high level of personal hygiene, helps prevent cross-contamination and infection, which are a result of bad working habits. Such bad habits, like double-dipping causes the spread of bacteria and viruses – a genuine and serious health threat.” Magic disposable mascara wandsThere’s a large selection of tools such as brushes, mixing palettes and makeup bags, and for the environmentally savvy amongst us there is a small selection of tools using bamboo from sustainable sources. The prices certainly aren’t high and there’s a couple of great kits including the “individual makeover kit” which includes 2 x Voluptuous Veronica disposable mascara wands, 2 x Particular Polly disposable mascara wands, 1 x Double Trouble Trudie dual foam eye shadow applicator/blender, 1 x Shady Sheena dual natural haired and foam eye shadow brush/blender, 1 x Angled Angelina synthetic brush for either concealer or for eyeliner, 2 x Precision Penny short tipped eyeliner applicator, 1 x Pouting Poppy deluxe lip colour brush, 1 x Glossy Gloria deluxe lip gloss applicator, 1 x Blushing Belinda natural haired blush brush, 1 x Highligh Holly natural haired contour and highlight brush and 2 x black plastic spatulas for just £3.99.

A good cause at great prices!

Antonia is now working towards an industry-wide, recognised, accreditation programme and collaborative Code of Practice to raise standards within the make-up industry. Best of luck to her and everyone involved!!

THEPROMAKEUPSHOP.COM eye applicatorsEven if you’re not one for disposables, you should try professional grade disposables before ruling them out and be conscious of your make-up hygiene habits whether you’re a professional working on others or doing your own make-up, as everyone’s health is important, including yours! :-)

*All excerpts and images are from press papers which were kindly sent to me at my request.

Teenage Makeover

I was asked to do the make-up for my niece and two of her friends for a small photo shoot. Although I have plenty of make-up theory knowledge,have done a 1-day make-up course, and have some practice under my belt I was a still bit dubious as the course didn’t cover make-up for different ages and I didn’t want to use too much make-up on them but I did need to smooth out their skin. Also, as we’re not settled at the moment (we’re doing some travelling) I have a very limited make-up kit (which I’m attempting to build up slowly but surely!).

One of the girls had never worn make-up before so was apprehensive, the other two wear make-up all the time. Two of the girls were nervous about having their photos taken and the other had no problems ( she’s a dancer and is used to the fuss), so we had a bit of a mixture of girls. I opted for nice pinks and peaches and a little lip gloss, and mascara on two of them, to give shape and definition.

All in all, to start with, it was a bit like pulling teeth trying to keep the nervous girls smiling and stretching my kit to match each girls skin tones and creat three different looks that weren’t “better” than each other, but in no time all three were laughing and posing and much more relaxed thanks to silly games and everyone shouting Blargh! before most photos. As a reward for their great behaviour I let them do my make-up and as it was halloween they went a little crazy…

During the post-prosessing there was still some work to even out their skin, so I’m thinking about using heavier products for future photography sessions and simply making sure they know that they should wash it off particulaly well!

If there’s any make-up artists out there that do photographic make-up I’d love any advice. Which brands do you use? I have some Max Factor foundations which I think seem quite thin and some Leichner foundations that seem quite heavy. Thankyou for any tips you can share!

005_SimonnesBirthdayShoot_20091030_IMG_6248-Edit_Web640001_SimonnesBirthdayShoot_20091030_IMG_6214-Edit_Web640Photos by Greg Steer Photography

Wedding Make-up

First of all, Congratulations to my sister Katrina and her new husband Brian. They were married on 3rd October this year and everything was great…
…especially the bridal parties make-up. By the way, did I mention that I did the make-up for the bridal party??Exciting!!

Katrina agreed to let me do her make-up for her wedding, so when I attended a 1-day make-up course at Glasgow I used Katrina as my model and practiced her special look. I also practiced again during a “practice party” at her house the week before the wedding.

The look was a nice, fresh, simple look with various shades of brown,rosy cheeks and a nice pink lip. I used the same colours for the bridesmaids too (including myself). The foundation was light, the lashes were long, the colours were blended and the lip-gloss was in my bag all day!

005_Kat&BrianSingletonWedding_20091003_IMG_5421_Web640Katrina’s Make-up: Brightening corrector under eyes. Foundation to even out skin tone. Powder to set foundation. Light pink over eyelid and up to brow. Dark brown into crease, blended towards brow and out of corner of eye. Spot of white eye shadow to inner corner of eyelid blended aline lashline. Black maascara on top and bottom lashes. Light brown blush along cheek bones. Pop of pink blush on apples of cheeks, blended up along cheek bones. Pale pink lip-gloss on lips.

003_Kat&BrianSingletonWedding_20091003_IMG_5357_Web640Simonne’s Make-up: Brightening corrector under eyes. Foundation on forehead, nose and cheeks, blended towards hairline and neck. Powder to set foundation and prevent too much shine. Light pink over eyelid to crease. Darker pink along crease, blended towards lashline and towards brow. Black mascara on top and bottom lashes. Pop of pink blush on apples of cheeks, blended along cheek bones. Pale pink lip-gloss.

002_Kat&BrianSingletonWedding_20091003_IMG_5328_Web640My Make-up: Brightening corrector under eyes. Foundation to even out skin tone. Powder to set foundation. Light Pink over lid up to brow. Dark brown along crease, blended out towards temples. Black mascara on top and bottom lashes. Bronzer along cheek bones (been away and still had a bit of a tan ;-)!  ). Pink blush on top of bronzer (along cheek bones). Pale pink lip gloss.

001_Kat&BrianSingletonWedding_20091003_IMG_5188_Web640Alexandra’s Make-up: Powder to prevent too much shine. Light pink across eyelid to crease. A little black mascara on top lashes (would have prefered to use clear but didn’t have one!).  Pink blush lightly brushed along cheek bones. Pale pink lip-gloss.

Mia’s Make-up: Pale pink lip-gloss and pretend blusher (she’s 3 and just needed to be amused during all the pre-wedding stress).

All-in-all I think I did well for my first wedding :-)

Also, I have to mention that I used BeautyUK eyeshadows and was really impressed. They lasted ALL day (a good 10 hours!) and the little set I have has a good mix of 10 compatable colours. Not bad for £3.42 from Superdrug!

Photos by Greg Steer Photography

Make-Up Can Make A Difference

The London College of Fashion was commissioned by cosmetics brand Avon to perform a  survey of 1,026 people. It found 80% of women said wearing make-up helped put them in a better mood.

Anne Emblem, Cosmetic science course director at London College of Fashion, said the study showed women used make-up to help them feel better about themselves (I know I do!). She says “When we get it right, we know we look good and this knowledge gives us confidence and makes us feel positive about ourselves’.’

82% of the women surveyed said they actually prefer that their female colleagues wear make-up and when asked to choose from a series of photos, 80% of the women surveyed  said they would rather employ a woman who wore cosmetics than one who didn’t.

Also, 100 women were asked to approach shop assistants with a request at a grocery store in Camden Town, H&M on Oxford Street and Selfridges on Oxford Street, while wearing no make-up, very light make-up and full make-up. From this, 78% thought wearing cosmetics affected the way they were treated by other people.

Personally, I’m not bothered whether other women do or do not wear make-up but I think it definately has an impact on my mood as I leave the house. I feel a bit better prepared for the day when I’m wearing something, even if it’s just a bit of mascara. I’ve never thought to take notice of how I’m treated with and without make-up, but I may put it to the test next time I’m in Tesco ;-)

Do you find that you’re treated differently with a bare face?