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Beauty and the Beast

I can’t even remember if I mentioned this one yet,but there is a local amateur production of Beauty and the Beast happening in a few weeks and I offered my services to the organiser (Diana Kaarina), along with a MUA friend of mine (Leonora Abreu), to give a helping hand backstage to anyone who needs it. :-)

I’ve created a “Stage Make-up: Basic Application Guide” and quick product list for those in the show who have never done their own make-up before, and I’m hoping to find somewhere that I can print off some colour images as inspiration for characters. Leonora and myself will also be spending Friday afternoon creating a few face charts with simple step-by-step instructions for the ensemble and the main characters.

I’m a stickler for good hygiene and so I’ve put together a bag of disposables (sponges, powder puffs, mascara wands, eye shadow applicators, etc.) for people to use, especially those who need to use products from my main kit. I know everything will be rather crazy backstage, but I still think good hygiene is important, especially when you have around 25 people running around and sharing products! Most of the things came from the new Dollar Store down the street on Broadway (they have a suprising range of things!) as it’s an amateur production with a small budget and I done mind spending a little on it as it’s great practice and experience for me.