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Last Weekend on Set

I’m so sad :-( This is the last few days of shooting! We’ve been saying goodbye to some of the actors since last weekend as they have finished all of their scenes and it’s strange to think it will all be over soon. Obviously we all hope it isn’t totally over and that it will be picked up by someone and we’ll all be asked back to work on it, but for now it’s almost done! I’ve met so many great people and feel as though I’d really feel at home doing the make-up for Tv or film on a permanent basis. Obviously it’s not as easy as simply making up my mind and I might end up in bridal or fashion, but for now it’s a start and I can push forward from here.

I can’t believe how much fun these last weeks on set have been, or how much I’ve learned from Elizabeth about make-up for on screen and about being on a set. I’ve been really lucky as she’s kind of taken me under her wing during all of this and has been so patient, teaching me and introducing me to products (some of which I’d never heard of, most of which I’d never used!) and techniques. Today she showed me how to create bruises with the bruise wheels from Kryolan and Ben Nye, so that was fun :-). There are more colours in the Kryolan wheel but we’ve been using the Ben Nye under eyes to make some of the people look tired. Useful little things (and very affordable!).

I sincerely hope this isn’t the end for the production, even if it goes on without me (which it probably would as that’s how things go). I really think it’s a great idea and think it’s worth being given a chance to prove itself. Sorry. Still not allowed to tell you what it’s about . You’ll be the first to know when I am though ;-)