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Beauty and the Beast

The weekend with the Broadway Edge group went by really quickly and, sadly, the shows are over!

Most people did their own make-up and a couple had me do theirs each day and for each costume change, others just came to me for help when they drew their eyeliner on squiggly or some other mishap occurred.

I prepped some little mini kits of tools so that people could just take one and have the basics if they needed them (sponge, powder puff, mascara wands, cotton buds, lip brush).¬† About a third of them got used but most people just took the bits out of the little bags they were in, haha, but I’m gald I made them so at least there wasn’t much wastage and people were really hygienic considering they were backstage¬† with only an hour to get everything done (costume, hair and make-up!). If I help at another show I think I’ll just put things into boxes so the actors can pick what they need and no need for bags :-). Things only felt rushed a few times during the first show as we discovered who needed what and when, so it was pretty chilled out for the rest of the shows (4 in total).

It was a lot of fun and I got a little bio in the program (I kept one for my portfolio :-))!