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Second Entry for Mizz Worthy/Muse/Illamasqua

My second entry for this competition is Nadiah, a member of the elusive Naiads (Naiades) who are faeries/nymphs of bodies of fresh water and are one of the three main classes of water nymphs.  Nadiah was captured from Derwentwater and taken by a traveling circus master, kept in captivity for over a century and made to perform as “The Mermaid Girl” in every show and every town. The ring masters changed, acts came and went, but Nadiah remained captive and miserable. When performing once again in Keswick Nadiah made a daring escape, killing her ring master in the process, and made her way into Derwentwater. But Naiads only live as long as their body of water does. If that dries up the fairy dies with it. So now Nadiah plots and schemes in hopes of finding the fabled Elixer Of Life in order to live forever and take her revenge on any mortal who dares swim in her waters. Revenge for the captivity. Rrevenge for all the pointing and staring. Sweet revenge!





I pretty much used the same products as last time but included my Collection 2000 Trio of blue colours with some use from the Claire’s Accessories set. The mascara is from Avon and the gems are from the craft shop down the road :-)
What do you think? :-)

Miss Chievous Myths and Legends Competition Entry

My first slide show, Yay! :-) It’s only a quick video as I’m only using the free Animoto 30 second video subscription, but hey it’s my first ;-)

This is my entry for the MissChievous.tv competition. The theme is Myths and Legends and so I chose Angels.

Most people have their own view of what angels are and so this is my creative interpretation. The general view is that angels are genderless, ethereal, strong, caring and devoted. Most think of them with wings and a shining aura so I tried to incorporate that into my look :-)

With my limited kit I did what I could and please ignore my hair, imagine I’m bald or have long silvery locks…

(Please ignore the spelling mistakes!)

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.

Here’s the photos too as the video doesnt have them at best quality…



What do you think of me as an Angel? ;-)

Entry for Illamasqua/Muse/Mizz Worthy Competition

I mentioned recently that there are some make-up competitions at the moment and that I was going to give them a go. Well, here’s entry number one :-)


Aine is a dreamlike fairie queen, able to enter the dreams of mortals and bring peace and joy. Turned bitter over centuries of delving into the subconscious minds of mortals and seeing fear, anger and hatred everywhere, Aine now walks the dreamlands turning dreams into nightmares only coming to the mortal realms on rare occasions. As her life span is coming close to it’s natural end, Aine has set her sights on discovering ever lasting life and controlling the dreamlands forever!

(I wanted to incorporate the pretty, glittery aspect of her with the dark and angry aspect which is why I gave her both crystals and dark swirling scars. Although she has turned to the Dark Arts she still has both sides warring inside her soul and she shows physical manifestations of each.)

007_rouge_mua_2010comps_20101011_IMG_8371_Web800_ 016_rouge_mua_2010comps_20101011_IMG_8395_Web800_





( I actually used a lot more shimmer on my face than it looks like, but I guess thats just a lesson learnt for photographic makeup. My kit is still very limited so all I had for this look was a  Collection 2000 eyeshadow trio (24 Alchemy) and a set from Claire’s Accessories. The gems were from the local craft shop and my lips I outlined with black eyeliner (no lipliner so I imprevised) then Max Factor Blackcurrant around the edge with Estee Lauder Pure Color (161 Pink Parfait) in the centre and all blended inwards to create a “stained berry” lip look. Cheeks are a blend of ColourWorks powder blush on the apples, Claire’s blush up the cheekbones and silver eyeshadow to contour :-) )

So, what do you think?