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Win $50 MAC Voucher With Your Beauty Blog

Having your own blog has its perks. Not only do you get to ramble on about whatever currently takes your fancy but you also get to partake in “blogger-only” competitions ;-)

In my bid to gather as much information about the Make-up Artistry world as possible I am a member of several make-up based sites and forums that look like they have something to teach. One of them is currently having a give-away for all it’s members who have their own beauty blog. All you have to do is first become a member then write a little post about this competition, linking to the MakeUpTalk site :-) Easy as pie! The winning bloggers (3) will be chosen randomly so it’s a totally fair system.

The forums good as there are several places for you to submit photos of your looks for people to comment on. I dont think many of them are professional. What you’re recieving are comments and encouragement from your peers! There are areas to ask for advice or simply chat and like this shows, there’s some great give-aways ;-) So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the MakeUpTalk community and check it out!