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Secret Garden Shoot

There’s a competition on Craigslist that has a couple of themes that you can choose from. One of them is “Secret Garden”, so I got together with Melanie Madill and came up with something. The images I’ll be sending to the competition admins are untouched but I decided to have a play around with them before putting them up on here. They’re a little cheesy, especially since I basically pressed a few buttons in Picassa, hehe ;-) Let me know what you think:

Secret Garden Shoot

Secret Garden

$200 kit for sale…

So there’s a decent sized make-up kit for sale on Craigslist.ca for only $200 which seems a little too good to be true! It has Mehron, RCMA, 3rd Degree, 2 Beauty Blender sponges and cleanser, MakeUp For Ever, Ben Nye and more. There’s no explanation of why it’s being sold, no mention of how old the products are or why it’s on for such a cheap price!

I emailed for more info and all they really told me is that there are various brands, that it’s aimed towards tv and f/x and that someone else is interested in it so it will go to the person who “wants it more”.

I haven’t done anything about it because it just doesnt seem right. Even if they are simply leaving the industry you would think they would want some kind of return on what sounds like a rather expensive kit to put togther, so I’m thinking it’s maybe been sitting around for a while and most of the products are at the end of their lives (remember, make-up only last so long!). Either that or it’s stolen!?

I know, it’s bad that I would be instantly suspicious of a good deal, but in this day and age where it is all too easy to rip people off, I think we all need a little measure of scepticism when it comes to doing random deals with people over the internet!

I’m thinking that I’ll save the $200 and go buy some brand new stuff from MAC with my 40% student discount card ;-)