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Make-up for VISI last night

If you’ve ever been to the UBC campus and found you way around easily then I applaud you! That campus is bigger than my home town of Whitehaven, I’m sure of it. I knew it would be big, but I got such a shock at the size of the place that I got all disorientated and to be honest, a little bit lost (oops!).

I eventually found the Frederic Woods theatre where the VISI (Vancouver International Song Institute) were to perform with the kind help of complete strangers and Diana Sepulveda the Costume Designer for the show.

I wasn’t the only Make-Up artist they had fond to help, so a couple of quick make-overs later I was all done. They wanted a subtle “dead” look for the singers who were performing “Spoon River”, so I used a mixture of pale cream foundation, black and brown eye shadows with a little bit of red under the eyes and plenty of pale powder to set the looks.