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More than Mascara, by Estee Lauder

“More Than Mascara Moisture Binding Formula”

Around two months ago I bought Estee Lauder’s Double Wear Light foundation while they were having a Special Offer. With my purchase I got a free tote bag, Day Wear Plus Multi Protection Creme, Pure Color Long Lasting Lipstick and More Than Mascara in Rich Black.

The last few times that I’ve worn this mascara my eyes have felt really uncomfortable so I’ve stopped wearing it, but up until then I really liked it! It adds colour but not much extra length or thickness so it’s a nice one for anyone who has blond lashes and wants their lashes to look natural instead of heavily made-up. It felt nice, never feeling like I had too much on and it never got clumpy!¬† The brush is nice as it’s not too big, but I think mascara brush preferences differ from person to person so I guess you’ll have to check it out to see if it’s your preferred size and shape. I think it did actually had a good effect on my lashes as I had noticed that they had thinned out some what and are now back in all their glory. Might be a coincidence, might be the moisturising effects of the formula. I guess we won’t know for sure.

All in all I like it as a “natural day time in the office¬† lashes” type of mascara althought the price puts it a little out of my reach at the moment ;-)