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First shoot day!

It was a nice, easy first day for me on Monday, in a low-light room with basic make-up looks for one young woman and two young men.

I was put into a small cubby hole with flickering lights and a tiny shelf on which to put the make-up (on top of a nice, clean towel of my own of course). It was fun, and I figure I’m bound to work in worse places as build my portfolio ;-) I got to see two young ladies that I met at the make-up rehearsal and then I got to meet the three young men which play the leads across from the women. I can’t remember all their names but I’ll make a note of them when we next shoot and let you know who they are!

Our next shoot days are outside, with the young ladies, so more concentration needed for those looks ;-) Although we had a rehearsal day for their make-up I’ve had a word with Damian and decided to modify (read: change completely) the looks we tried. It was, after all, only a practice day to see what worked and what didn’t so mods are to be expected. We all want the characters to be realistic and suit the looks we give them, so these mods are a good thing!

As soon as Damian allows me to put up photos from on set then I’ll show you what we’re up to, so stay tuned for more…

Pre Shoot Practice

I met up with Damian from Minor Moguls and the two female leads for a little make-up practice to figure out which make-up styles we are going to do for the characters.

I won’t tell you what we decided (you’ll have to wait and see), I just wanted to say how nice it was to have a quick practice and to meet some of the crew before we actually start. At least this way we got to have a bit of a chat and get to know a little of what each person thinks about their characters and how they expect them to look, etc.

I think I went well prepared, with face charts that I had made specifically for each character, a load of tear sheets from magazines and some images on my laptop to give ideas and inspiration. There are a few things that I want to pick up before we actually start shooting (should begin next month) but I’m happy with what I currently have. I think I have a nice range of products and from here on in its a case of buying various types of products (creams, liquids, water-based, etc) so that I have options in case people react badly to certain ingredients. I want to make sure that I have a small range of natural products too, such as Korres products, for those discerning customers. Maybe some vegan friendly stuff too, just in case, as Vancouverites do seem to be animal lovers in general. Speaking of which, I don’t know if you know this but ELF (eyeslipsface) are vegan friendly! I emailed them to check and all their makeup is vegan friendly, it’s only some of their brushes and tools that may not be (check before you buy if it’s an issue for you).

Really looking forward to this next project, especially since it will be my first feature film :-)

I can work with Minor Mogul after all! Yay!

I was able to contact Damian and let him know that we are able to stay and that I can work on his feature film after all if he still wants me. He said he does, yay!

Hopefully we’ll be able to meet up one evening this week and talk about what he’s after with regards to the characters make-up looks. We discussed it a little at our first meeting and I’ve created some looks on face charts and piled together some tear-sheets from magazines of looks that I think would work well for what he’s after.

Lets see what’s decided :-)