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I was looking through my posts and realised I hadn’t mentioned the film production “Anagnorisis” in a long time, so I thought I should mention why.

Basically, and sadly, production has been cancelled. Damian (the producer) was finding it hard to get everyone on set at the same time due to the casts other commitments and such. He posted about it here on his blog and His post explains it well, so here’s the link.

Its a shame really as it had a nice story line and Damian’s a really nice guy who loves what he does. He has a lot of passion for his projects. He mentions in his post that he perhaps let himself down by not telling everyone he knew that he was making a film and therefor nobody knew that he needed help. I think that’s a valid point and a  good lesson for anyone who wants to start something on a tight budget…if you have friends then get them involved! Even if its just borrowing their living room for the afternoon to shoot a scene, or cooking a little pasta for craft services. You never know, they may have some incredible skill that you never knew about! :-)

All in all, it was fun while it lasted and I did learn some “to do’s and not to do’s” while on set. Hopefully Damian will put it all back together again some time in the future and if he does it would be nice to be involved again, hint hint Damian ;-)

Another Year In Canada! :-)

Greg’s work is able to sponsor him to stay and work for them for another year, which means we get to stay in Vancouver for a bit longer!! :-)

Vancouver seems like a great place for us both with regards to work. Greg has a job he enjoys, in a city he likes, with great weather in summer (always nice) and I will hopefully get some more work experience on projects in the area. There are a few web-sites such as Craigs List where people can advertise the tv/film/photography projects that they need help with, so hopefully I’ll be able to find some things to work on in my spare time and build up my portfolio :-).

The only problem with being able to stay is that we can’t leave Canada while our visa applications are being processed, which means I’m not able to visit family and friends back home for another few months. So sad, but at least we can now time our home visit for the time when my pregnant sister is due ;-)

Ups and downs, swings and round-abouts!

Production work

Oh wow, I am so tired! Yesterday wasn’t too bad as we only had to be on set for 7:45, but today we had to be there for 6:45. I left around 3:30pm today and they were still going strong. Most for the crew are doing 14 hour days, which I don’t envy them for, and poor Elizabeth works on Saturday nights until 6am so she came straight to set with no sleep at all! I didn’t get much sleep either but that’s because I kept hearing noises and thinking someone was breaking into the apartment (they weren’t! I heard glass break but I think one of the neighbours was a little worse for wear as there was a bit of stomping around and banging of the front door too, ha ha). When we’re doing the makeup to start of with I don’t feel tired at all but once everyone is done and they just need the odd touch up that’s when I start to flag a little, but I stay alert enough to watch the actors at work embodying their characters and to see the production crew at work with lighting and camera positions, etc :-).

Apart from being tired I’m still loving working on this project. I feel so lucky to be able to experience it early on in my MUA training and career as I know it can be really tough to find projects to work or volunteer on, especially one as creative and fun as this one :-). The more scenes I watch on set the more excited I become about the end results. I’d love to share it with you all, and will as soon as we’re allowed!