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Lingerie shoot

What a lovely day yesterday was!

Firstly, it was my fifth wedding anniversary (yay us!) and secondly I had a great day down in Surrey, with Clarissa Jorquera as my wonderful “First Assist” make-up artist, doing the make-up for five lovely young ladies on the lingerie shoot for Satin Lillie Creations!

We were down there for 9am, and created individual looks for each model to suit them and the outfits they were wearing. Robyn, the designer and creator of Satin Lillie Creations, was specific about a couple of things that she really did/didn’t want for two of the models. They were easy things to accommodate (“I’d like her eyes dark, her eyes not dark”, etc) and the day seemed to go really well. Throughout the shoot all the models really needed was lip touch-ups, so once we were finished with everyone (and had checked how they were looking on camera), we were able to relax and enjoy the lovely sandwiches, fruit and coffee that Robyn had set up for everyone (so thankful for the coffee since I’d been up since 6:20am, haha!). The hair stylist Dana Demure changed each models hair styles a few times and did a great job, they all looked lovely! Dana went with a 1960′s theme of big hair and curls so we had some serious bombshells on set! :-)

Each model had five outfits each to wear and Robyn had set up a “bedroom” in her back garden using her lovely “sleigh” bed as a prop. The photographer not only used the “bedroom”, she used various areas of the garden (such as the big tree in the middle) as a backdrop. I can’t wait to see the finished results. I don’t really know anything about photography but it did look like a decent professional set-up Tara Cummings (of JuxtaPozin Arts) had going.

Out of the collection there was definitely one piece that stood out for all of us. It was a gorgeous long, white satin dress/nightgown with crystals dotted about. When the model, Aleasha, walked out of the changing area and onto the set everyone went to watch. It was beautiful! Perfect for any bride (could even be used as a classical, lightweight wedding dress!).

Robyn was kind enough to gift to me a lovely robe as an anniversary gift, and there are some pieces that I’m actually going to buy from her the next time we meet up! :-)

All in all a wonderful day. Thankyou to everyone involved!

Key Hair and Make-up Artist!

I’ve been given the opportunity to be the Key Hair and Make-up artist for a charities advert to be shown at their red carpet events and such!

The advert features a young girl, so make-up is going to be very natural, with some shimmer for the like for a “dream-like” sequence. The producer has a fair idea about how she wants the hair and make-up to look, but we’re going to discuss it further the next time we meet up. I know I said in my last post that I didn’t think I was ready to be  a Key, but there isn’t a hoard of actors to work on so I’ll be fine, and it’s such a great opportunity! I’ve been adding bits and pieces to my kit but I’m going to go on a major shopping spree this week for the items on my list that I haven’t bought yet. There’s a great shop that a few pro MUA’s have mentioned here in Vancouver called Holly North. I need to find out if I need to be registered with them to buy from them, but I’m going to try there for some things as they apparently have a decent range of products and brands aimed at people within the entertainment industries.

I was also contacted recently by a guy I messaged about helping out on their next low budget, independent movie.  We’re meeting up this week (in a public place for safety reasons of course!). It’s all go right now. Long may it continue! :-)

By the way, does anyone know of any good, professional reel/portfolio sites that may be of interest?