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Motives cosmetics by Loren Ridinger

I applied for the Motives Pro Artist Program a little while ago and I got my reply today. I was unsuccessful due to “not currently meeting the qualifications of the program”.

So I’m good enough for MAC and Make Up For Ever (I was accepted as a Pro member for both) but not for Motives :-). Strict! I am curious as to where I failed as I sent them all the information and “proof” that was required for the application. Perhaps I should have sent different items. They ask for two pieces of professional documentation (which can be a comp card, business card, editorial page with credit, union card, head shot and resume, license, your diploma/certificate, publication masthead, program/press materials, contract on company letterhead, crew/call sheet, or professional employment letter of reference) and an example of work. I sent them a copy of a call sheet from the pilot show I worked on last year, a program for a theatre show from this summer and a photo of a brides make-up. Maybe I should have sent them a copy of one of my certificates instead of the program? Or perhaps they read my blog and decided that since most of my work is unpaid (by choice, by the way, due to my visa type) that I don’t class as professional? Or maybe they just don’t think I’m good enough?! Who knows.

If anyone is thinking of applying then I would definitely say “do it”! Try them out. The Motives name is definitely getting bigger, with more people seeming to sell the products and use them for professional work. I haven’t bought any yet as I was waiting to hear back about membership, but there are quite a lot of positive reviews out there along with professional MUA’s standing by the Motives products, even for HD and TV work. Before applying I did some research into Motives and I don’t think I found any bad reviews.

If you’ve tried them I’d love to hear your thoughts. Also, do you think I should try agin with different pieces of “proof”, or wait until I have more experience and pieces of work?

Evening with MAC

I’ve had a lot going on in my personal life recently which means I haven’t really been up to much with regards to my makeup career (the film was on hold for a while and should be starting up again soon), but I did have the chance to go to a MAC evening (complete with wine and canapes!) a couple of weeks ago. It was a night to show professionals all about whats happening with Autumn/Winter trends this year and how to re-create them and teach them to others.

It was a really good evening. Very casual with a friendly atmosphere and a few new products to “show and tell” and lots of behind the scenes stories. We were also given an A/W photo book with images of what the MAC artists have been doing on the catwalks (for the likes of Alexander Wang, Chloe and Moschino to name a few). The photos are all unprocessed so we can see exactly what was done in its raw form and have simple style explanations.

The books themselves are usually only available to the press, so I’m feeling a little smug right now (although its obviously just left overs from shows at the beginning of the year, but I dont care ;-))  The looks that are hot right now are called Mod-ernist (see A/W 2011 David Koma, Donna Karan and Jaeger London), Disco-Tech (see A/W 2011 Vivienne Westwood Red Label, The Blonds and Jean-Pierre Braganza (love love love!)), Tough-Love (see Betty Jackson, Richard Nicoll and Prapal Gurung) and Amber-Gris (see A/W 2011 Norman Ambrose (love!), Kenzo and Mary Katrantzou).




Stand-in MUA for the Morning

I stood in for Karin Shoji today on a shoot for a local hospital. The filming is for an information DVD which I think gets given to patients who are about to have surgery (from what I heard the presenter saying ;-) ). I did natural make-up for four people, each with different skin tones and features, then Karin arrived to take over and continue for the rest of the day. I’m pretty sure there were more people to be done later in the day as well whom Karin will be looking after.

All in all I learnt a few things, received another call-sheet (which are good to use as proof of working status to get memberships and discounts, etc), I got to use some of my new products (Mehron Touch Up Anti-Shine for example) and my confidence is growing.

I also got to use my new make-up belt which I bought second hand but is in great condition (I love Craigslist! ;-) ) It’s a MAC brush belt which obviously looks good but it is really functional too and holds all the things I need it to hold! I do like the convenience of a belt, but having to look passed my (reasonably sized) chest to see what brush I’m picking out is a bit of a pain, haha! A belt definately saves on bench space which can be an issue on set, but given the option, I think I prefer having everything laid out in front of me on a table/work bench as this way everything is in sight. Maybe if I hang the belt over a shoulder and wear it like a bag it might feel a bit better for me, what do you think? I’ve seen other MUA’s wear it that way.

$200 kit for sale…

So there’s a decent sized make-up kit for sale on Craigslist.ca for only $200 which seems a little too good to be true! It has Mehron, RCMA, 3rd Degree, 2 Beauty Blender sponges and cleanser, MakeUp For Ever, Ben Nye and more. There’s no explanation of why it’s being sold, no mention of how old the products are or why it’s on for such a cheap price!

I emailed for more info and all they really told me is that there are various brands, that it’s aimed towards tv and f/x and that someone else is interested in it so it will go to the person who “wants it more”.

I haven’t done anything about it because it just doesnt seem right. Even if they are simply leaving the industry you would think they would want some kind of return on what sounds like a rather expensive kit to put togther, so I’m thinking it’s maybe been sitting around for a while and most of the products are at the end of their lives (remember, make-up only last so long!). Either that or it’s stolen!?

I know, it’s bad that I would be instantly suspicious of a good deal, but in this day and age where it is all too easy to rip people off, I think we all need a little measure of scepticism when it comes to doing random deals with people over the internet!

I’m thinking that I’ll save the $200 and go buy some brand new stuff from MAC with my 40% student discount card ;-)

Crown Brush Brushes Review

I’ve been meaning to write this review for weeks and am finally getting around to it!

I did a lot of research and looking on the forums about Crown Brush brushes as I was in need of some decent brushes that weren’t going to cost me the earth. There were a couple of negative reviews saying that they’re not up to “Mac standard”, but most people said thay are good quality and worth having. I figured I’d never know until I tried them so I bought the 23 Piece Professional Set for £60.50. 23 brushes for £60.50, you won’t get that at Mac ;-). Apparently, I heard on the forums that Crown Brush actually make brushes for the likes of Mac and Bobbi Brown, so they can’t be all that bad. One woman on a forum asked Crown which of their brushes are closest to Mac quality and they said the Studio sets. Might just be my next Crown Brush purchase ;-)

This Professional Set includes: Powder Dome, Chisel Powder, Tapered Blush, Angle Blush, Chisel Blush, LG Squirrel Shadow, Deluxe Oval Shadow, Mini Oval Shadow, Chisel Fluff, Oval Fluff, Sable Liner, Small Chisel Fluff, Deluxe Soft Fan, Angle Liner, Brow / Lash Groomer, Mini Oval Smudger, Pointed Liner, Flocked Sponge, Pro Spoolie, Sable Lip with Cover, LG Square Squirrel, Leatherine Snap Case.

So I’ve been using this set for about a month now, on myself, my sister and my niece when they came to visit. I’ve deep cleaned them a couple of times and quick cleaned them a couple of times and I haven’t noticed any major loss of hairs which is obviously a good sign. The blush, eye and powder brushes are nice and soft and the liner brushes a little firmer which is how I like them. There are a few brushes which I still haven’t used, and one or two that I’m not completely fond of so in the future I might buy each brush individually or since there are various sets I may try a different one for variety. The handles are comfortable to hold on each brush for when using them on myself and others and to be honest I really don’t have any complaints! The set comes in a roll-up case which is great for keeping everything where it should be and I think people who want  some decent brushes for personal use and MUA’s that are just starting out could do a lot worse!

If you’ve tried brushes from the other sets I’d love to hear what you think about them! :-)

Third and Final Day of Mika’s Make-up Advanced Lessons

This post is a little delayed considering it’s now Sunday and the course was on wednesday but hey, better late than never!

Karin and Elizabeth showed us how to do airbrush make-up :-) We airbrushed the foundation and blush and then made up the eyes the traditional way. I have to admit I wasn’t too keen on the airbrush at first try. I felt as though I didn’t have as much control over what was happening as I do when using brushes and other tools. I was finished with my model quicker than the other two ladies were so I got to try it a second time, putting the blush on first and the foundation on second (the first time I did foundation first and blush on top) and that went a lot smoother than my first attempt! I got to try MAC Face and Body Foundation which we thinned down a little so that it would go throught the airbrush properly and not clog it up as the formula is a little bit too thick, then I got to try the Face Atelier. I think I prefered the Face Atilier although I don’t have a clue why! I guess people just get the feel of some products a lot quicker than others.

The thing with the airbrush is it’s very subtle when you’re putting on the foundation and a bit too easy to do too many layers. Definately takes a few goes to get the knack of it. Kudos to all the Airbrush MUA’s out there :-)!

Sadly, that was my last lesson for now but I may go back in the future for some more intense training on particular things but for now the course has ended. On the very bright side I got to learn soooo much from both trainers! I’m also getting to help out on a real life production due to meeting Elizabeth which is just amazing! Thank you to Karin at Mika’s for putting together a great personalised course for us, and thankyou to Karin and Elizabeth for being such fantastic teachers! X

Win $50 MAC Voucher With Your Beauty Blog

Having your own blog has its perks. Not only do you get to ramble on about whatever currently takes your fancy but you also get to partake in “blogger-only” competitions ;-)

In my bid to gather as much information about the Make-up Artistry world as possible I am a member of several make-up based sites and forums that look like they have something to teach. One of them is currently having a give-away for all it’s members who have their own beauty blog. All you have to do is first become a member then write a little post about this competition, linking to the MakeUpTalk site :-) Easy as pie! The winning bloggers (3) will be chosen randomly so it’s a totally fair system.

The forums good as there are several places for you to submit photos of your looks for people to comment on. I dont think many of them are professional. What you’re recieving are comments and encouragement from your peers! There are areas to ask for advice or simply chat and like this shows, there’s some great give-aways ;-) So what are you waiting for? Head on over to the MakeUpTalk community and check it out!