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Last Intermediate Lesson at Mika’s

Last week we (Andrea and me) were given the task of researching and choosing a chosen decade so that we could recreate the style in our last intermediate lesson. Andrea chose the 60′s, with it’s “banana lines” and drawn on lashes :-) I have to admit I struggled because to be honest there is something that I love in ever era, but eventually I went for the 40′s and a classic Pin-up girl look.

Both looks went well, except for me having trouble with the strip lashes (which are now my official number one nemesis!). The look Andrea chose to do was really fun with blue and white with black lines and huge false lashes. The eyes alone took ages and it’s hard to imagine people going through all that trouble for a night out or some other occasion! The end result was great though, so I guess it’s worth the effort :-) My Pin-up girl look for easier to achieve (except for those darn lashes!) with a heavy to medium base, long lashes, beauty mark and big, red, cupid-bow lips.

It was nice to recreate the looks of the past and I definitely have things that I need to practice (strip lashes!!), but I think I prefer being able to create my own looks, or perhaps taking lots of inspiration from previous eras but developing them into something else. I do love the glamour of the 40′s, the fun of the 60′s, the the total “do whatever you want” of the 80′s, though! ;-)

First day at Mika’s

So I was right about the course being aimed mostly at doing your own make-up but luckily the woman taking the course knows what she’s talking about!  Also, I’m actually her only student on a Wednesday which means she was able to personalise what she was teaching me. I told her how this is my first proper step to becoming a MUA and she was really helpful, giving me tips on how to adapt things for others and we had some spare time at the end of the class so she let me go over what she’d taught me on her :-) which was brave ;-). She’s been in the MUA business for about 10 years and has worked freelance on photo shoots and tv commercials and things like that, but now mostly does bridal make-up and teaching.

Yesterdays lesson was about doing natural make-up and the next two lessons will be on more of an evening look and colour theory.  It’s amazing how much make-up goes into creating the “natural” look :-)