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Last day!

So today was the last day on the production and it’s so weird. I received a thank-you gift from Elizabeth (I haven’t bought hers yet but I know exactly what I’m buying her ;-) )which was the Make Up For Ever Professional 12 Flash Color Case that we have been working with on this production, which is great as it has sentimental value and loads of great memories attached to it! She wrapped it in paper which had her kisses on it and those of one of the actors, which is just so Elizabeth :-) It’s a good little palette that I’ll refill with things once all the colours are gone, although you can get so many faces out of each colour. A friend of Elizabeth said that he used the white for 10 Kabuki faces (the white Geisha face) and he barely scratched the surface! It has a creamy texture and so is great for blending and spreading out so you only need a little but you do need to use powder to set it so that it doesn’t move or crease, especially on the eyes. Fantastic gift, and great addition to my growing professional kit!! Thankyou Elizabeth!

As for the day itself it was a really light day and I left early as I have to go earn some pennies at work in a couple of hours. Over these last weeks on set I feel like I’ve learned so much, mostly about being a professional MUA but also about how life is when working on a production. Granted, this was a small production and I’m sure there are many differences between this and others but it has been a great experience working around the set and watching things work (and break, and be fixed or adapted ;-) ). I don’t think I could have asked for a better introduction and for anyone who is thinking about getting into make-up for TV or Film I think you should really get out and hit the smaller productions (even student productions) to get a feel for things and gain experience, then work your way up. But that’s just my opinion!

Kind of a sad day in a way, but what an experience!

A found a review for the Flash Colors on you tube and thought you might like to see it, especially if you don’t know the product I’m talking about…